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Garfield During The Final Vote

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The followiog description of' the last vote in iho Chicago uouvuntioo is a capital one. writer at wherc lio oould soe and hear i lie rvents lelnied. Wlicn a messnur carne l'ioni Jülni Slieruian to breuk lor tiarüeld, iliu Ohio uien went wild. "That settles it," uxclaimad Butterwirth, uud his opinión was reoeived by the n. " Castmy vota for Slieruian." saiii Grarfleld. Bat ()hio wascalled, : l i ¦ ' 1 Butterworth, ipringinfi apon ¦ benoh, annoanced lorty-three votes lor Gartield, lie refraining froui voting. The man name was apon ewy li, 'ind of wliiuii toa tliou.sand boane people ere fhouting, .-a' i'i t lio seat pala, hut the ¦it of coiuposure. Sueb an (KTUircd l.itiire. Never in popular eleetions liad a con int i. mi i onnnated one ot'its own nienibers Coronice. UlisSee, the reading clerk, announeed ihe oonni of Ohio with unusual etnphasi. (írnra! Qarfied turned to tlie i"l -le-fíitative i t lie llera!d and coolly remarked: "Do you knowthal Clisbee was a ehvwmote of mine al oollege? " Some surpri-e was ixpn-.-rd. and l'ustinaster Sherwin, of Cleveland, wlm a une ol' tiirtield's most iatimata hienda, who had been in the ¦¦ i'ii'iy, ruahed up, crazy with exciteincnt, and, Reizing (iaitield in his anus, hugged hini forjoy. " Tluy have oominatedyou," ezolaimed Sherwin. il Does it look su? " aaked GhurSeld, and an affirniative answer was sliouted frotn cvery-mau who heard the inquiry. Turnini; to the Uuiald repre.-entaiive, (arfnlii said : "1 wih you would say tliat tliis is no act of mine. l wiih you woutd say that I have done everything and omitted Dothiog to secure Shern an'a dou ioation. 1 want it plainly nodersfood that I bave oot aoughl Ü)u.nomintioD, and have prAtestcd :ii;aiiist the u.-e of' my name. If i ir lluarhad pennitted, 1 would have furbidden anybody to vote me. Hut hc me cit' uiy i'eet bcfore I had eaid what 1 intoaded. [ am Tory sorry it hai ocourred, bnt il my position 18 f'ully exjilaiued, a nouiiiiiiicin. eenling un.sOOgbt and unexpeoted viii be the crowning $raiih'euiioti ofiny lile. I lic erowd, jauiminx up to shake hands wiili the In-ui, prevepted furihcrcon tiuii. The )fi neral Ie pt ln -ca', as il' apniit aiixinus to avoid tho eimraiulaiii :i were -O rotijihly hruat ihkiii him. Tarning toa fricad be ai-kcd lor a place win ie be oold go, aayina : " My reinainini; luie il niiiini't buginesH, " but no Bi'tiied tn help bun out ui' bis i ui barla-Hiieiit. 'PI, e orowd still cootiüued to i it li upi.ii him, and wbeu the vote oí is. in-m wa aniioui (¦ d, fiving liini a majorami the eontusion of' applause broke he was fairly ov i wbc-lmed by the OX, who leaped over their i i;ra-i hi.s liis band. White, of ki'iitiieky, tied liis handkerchicf to a polo, and, waving it over Uarfield, raid : "Geifer:il, we - 1 1 1 rciider ; you have whippul us." " Vuil ( men have iiiale a sploudid fight," was the ruply. (iarlield was tho only .obcr man in the hole erowd. He was pale as death, and ied to be hall" unconsciou.-ly reoeiving i bc congratulations of bis l'riends. The telL'an topourin uponhim, the fir.-t t : .mi listriel Attorney Lee, of lol' : i'. 'Jiiruiog to tho Cleveland postr, :i'it suddenly remin led of something, he said : "Sherwin, won't yoa telegraph to my wile. She ought to kuow of this, ' and Mr. Sherwin batily dictated the féUowing dispateh : Famea . Qorfleld, Mentor, Oblo. Vour liusbani] Una tn u nominiitcil lor presi.liilt. ('OMïi':iiilaUons. N. ]:. smncwiM. As sfion as pos.siblo (ï'en. Garfield leftthe building anii retoraed to hiï hotel with a few of bis l'riends.