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Maiden And Weathecock

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0 wcathcrcock, on the village spire, Wfth vmirgoiden fenthers all on fire, 'I el! me, wliat can you eee from your perch Ahove there, over the tower of tnc Kuren r ¦ ¦?? wkathrcock; 1 eau set the roofs, and the stretts below , And the pcople moving to anti fro; Aml bevond, without citticr roof or street, The grént alt e and the fisherman's ñ-U I crin sce i ship come satlinf? in n4 tiie iu:itllaniis and harbor of I-ynn, Aiul :i younjj man standing on the deck, With ;i silken handkerchief Vooad his neck. Non hf ís pressing it tn liis lips, nv hft is kissing his tiomr tips ; Ainl now he is liftíng aun waviniï his hnd. And blowing the kisses toward the Untl I MA1DKN. Oh, tht is the ship from over the sea I nat is hriHLtii my lovr back to mei m Bi inging tny lover so fond and truc, ¦ iio does nut ch&nge with the wm.l , like you. WEATffERCOCK. H II 1 ciianfife uith all the wiiuïs th:lt l)lovv, lt is nnly berause they made me so; pcnple wguld Üiiiik iL wondcroiis strauge if I, a hercock, shonld not charge I ( ' , so tiac and fair, Wii -s nd your golden hair, vou an-1 your lover meet to-day You wfil thank me íor looking some othcr wav ! -Youth's Companion.