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Garfield At Murfreesboro

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"o the etlitor of the ï'hilndelpliia Times. (uresclie, Rosecrans' Chief of Staff, was tillcd the first day of the fight at Murfreeswro. A solid shot left his body headless. )ld Rosey, as he was familiarly and affeclonately called by the boys, who was at iaresche's side when the fatal shot took ef'ect, glaneed at hia faithful ofiBcer's corpse, md, exclaitning, " Poor fellow," called out, '8oatter, gentlemen, scatter." The order was obeyed by staff and orderlies with more han alacrity, as the enemy had us in blank ange of a well-manned battery, the shot ying thick and fast, without any apparent espect of persons. A few days after, I do not remeniber how many, but it was after te had got into quarters in the town of lurfreesboro, Garfield joined us to tako the ead man, Garesche's, place as Chief of Stuff. Wc boys tbought he was a perfect uccoss, and as an illustration of his kindïess of heart, a yirtue not ot'ten practioed ¦y rmy officers in the field toward suborlinates at least, I giveyou this little story : )ne night very late, the boys being rolled n their blankets on the hall floor asleep, and l at rny post, sitting on a chair at the commanding General's door, awaitin? orlers to bc taken to their destination by my hen sleeping comrades ; the light, but a allow candle, stuck in a sardine box ; I, with chair tiked againt the wall, had fallen aslonp, too, when Gen. Garfield, the new Chief1 of Staff, emerged from headquarters ocluí quiokly. Not noticing my extended imbs, he trippcd over tliem and dropped o hands and knees on the floor. As he was no light weight even then, the fall was ïot easy. Affrighted, l jumped to my fcet, stood at attention, and, as the General irose, saluted, expecting nothing else than to be cuffed. une probatily kicked, too, from one end of the hall to the other, Hut, to ïiy astonishiuent, he quietly and kindly said : " tíxcuso me, sergeant." I not only excuscd him, but with all our little command, to whom the incident was told, revcred him. Yours. verv trnlv. Formcrly Sergeant Original Anderson Troop. Audknkik, Pa., June io( iSSo.