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A Fair Trial Of Strength

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Apparcntly the democratie party has learned Komething in the lfi years between the day when it declarad the war a failure and the day when it nominated for the presidency a soldier who contributed much to niake the war a success. But the increa-r in shrewdness ha? not bi'eo acoompained by any increafe of virtue. Juring the lonj? years of exclusión from office thu party has grown leaner and meaner and hungryer with theaccumulation ofunlaked desires and unBceomplighed revencre. It hus grown sharper with the desperate cuoniug ui' a wolf' tantulized by the constant MK'ht and odor of viands bcyoud his react, and at last it has gone and picküd np a sheepskin to secure admission to the (bid, but it is do leas a wolf tlian before, only a more dangerous wolf, because a hungryer ono. The nouiination of Hanuock no more changos the character of demncracy than a ügurehead of the Virgin on Kidd's pírate craft would change it into an honent ship. While the pomination of Hancock i a pieee of political hypocracy as the uneonscious tribute whicli vice paya to virtue, there is po denying that it ïr the strongest nomination theconventioncould haveniade. It will cali out the full jiarty vote, just as the nouiination of Garlield will cali out the full party vote, and while the republicana need uot underestimate the strength of the ticket they need not fear it. Kvery truc opublican would prefer that the party should stand or fall on its nierita, nnd not un the risk of living on the mistakes and jlunders of its opponents, and the time is evidently at hand when the national camitn niustheafairtrialof ftrongiti bctwecn wo parties, an appeal to the people as to wliether ihey deoire the governuient ol tliis country to be continued in the hands of the party which saved it and whichhas adniiristered it continually for 19 years, or whether they desire to intruwt it to the democracy. Such a contest we do not iear, such au rdcaj we are ready to face with an unfaltering confidence in the justico ofour cause, with a conviction that the issue of such a contest must place success where it is deserved, give the victory to the worthiest, ind vindioate the principie of sovertunont by the people, by leaving the government in the hands of the patriotisi'.i, the ïntelligencc, the education of the country, and escluding the powers of darkness and ignorance who chose their leader yesterday.