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Calculating Machines

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About 100 calculating machines, says a foreign journal, aro now sold aonually f 'rom the Fteuoh manufactory, the popularization of the instrument being only quite gradual. Of the nutnber above mentionedabout three-tenths are desoribed as the áx ügure machine, six-tcuths of the iht-nVure, and only uue-tunth of the tenfigure. Sixty of' the machines were sold abroafl and fnrty remained in Fnunv. Aiiimn' othe ostablUhmenta which uso the machina, in the country of its manufacLiir', are the Mugazins du Louvro, tho Compagnie des t'etites Vbltureá, thc offices Of the nrtilliry service, assurance and railway companies, the observatory, the Eoolc Poljteohuhiue aml tho Creusot. It iscsii ".1 that a machine will work daily for ten ycar.H without requiring repairs, and, from the nature ol' the couiponrnt parfs, rupair ia u:i.-y. In construcción oí' tables of multiplicatiün, ready rccköpcrs, etc., etc., the machine L'ivos rosiiU that niv trtily raaireloun. Tlie price ol' a six figure apparalusis $100.