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Where He Gained His Glory

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One would think by reading the democratie journals of to day that the democratie party had always been the union party, and that the men whom they delight to glory in just now, are men who attained prominirii'ü through advocating their principies. Hut when you cnmo to look the thing over it wilt be (ound to bo far different. For instanee Gen. Hancock, the democratie candidato for president. Did he gain lus prominence through carrying out any irreat principie or principies of the democratie party ? Not muoh. He gaincd t by actitig in unisón with the rcpublican party, and carrying out the rcpublican poliey and principies, when the demócrata wcre tenaciously fixhting overy war mcasurc. To bc sure there werc rar demoorats, and suoh we honor, but many of the party folfowed the lead of Vallandigham, of Ohio, " Brick " Pomeroy, andothers of their ilk. They deny it now, and we don't blame them for being aaliamcd of it ; but it s none the loss truth. All the glory of thoir party as displayed in their presidential noiuinee, for whom they pretend so much love, was obtained by fighting in direct oppoBÍtion to the prinoipli's of that party, and in support of the republican party. One by one the principies on which they Rtood wcre killed and wipedout of oxistcnoe by the success of the union armn. Slavcry, Htates rights, and numerous other dogma were crushedout ofexistence, and the 14th and l'ith conHtitutional ani(Midment.s forcver sealed their fatc. For upbolding these principies, and Gghtingagainst those of the douiocracy, Qen. Hancock owch Iiíh prominence, and to tho advocacy of repulilicun priiicipltw and to the republiean pHrty beIiiiirs all the lustre of hitt name.