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Milwaukec reporta 118,131 as hor populatiuo. Chicago íh Ktnilin.t; Tor B6O4OM nhitb i tunta. S. T. 1880 X (tinguihe.l).-Mt. Clomens Monitor. "And ia thin tho end of all my nnntnesH? "- Timkn. Hancock aud b'runeh- no, Dutch- uo, - vliat is Lis name? Mr. Tilden can now step into prívate life, without further apologies. Yesterday our Canadian ncighborc celebrated Doaiioion 1 uy. " 'Twas ever thus frotn childhood's hour, I've seen niy fondest hopos decay." Tilden. Kight to ven again. It takes oight letters to ppell Garficld and seveo to spell Hanoock. Como, gentlemen, teil us the truth about Mr. Knglish's connection with tho koightti of the golden circle. The candidatos upon the republican tiuket are both men oi' national reputation. No uiaii had to ask who they werc. John Morton, son of the late Kenator Morton, of Indiana, has been appointcd collector of eustouis at San Francisco. Was Wm. H. English- they say that 9 his name - a prominent meuiber of the knights of the golden oirole during tho war? Poor oíd Samuel ! His bid uudor the guise ofa declination was pervorsely misoonstrued by those stupid delegates at Cincinnati. Ocn. Winfield Scott once ran for prot-idout, and he was just about as successful aa wül be his illustriouanauicsake at the coming election. Who is this man Eoglish whom the denioorats have nominatod for the vice-presidenoy? Tell ussomething about his record if he has one. Kurioua Koincidence : Arthur, the ropublican candidato for vice-president is widower, and so ia the English man on the democratie ticket The New York Tribune says that the democratie party ia likc tbe potato orop- the best part uqder ground, namcly: Douglas, Jackson, Bcuton, Jefferson, et al. Where's that warcry of " fraud," which was to make cvery republican shiver in his boota, when uttered by an indignant Tildenite during this campaign ? Alasl 'tisvanished ! The demócrata used to cali Gen. Hancock one of " Linooln's hirelings." He is one of the nicost, best, sweetest, smartest men, now that ever was. He iso't a " hircling " any more. If Mr. English was a war democrat, as timidly asserted by one or two democratio papers, which side of the war did hc advocate ? Was he in favor of the union aruis or the rebel arms? Gen. Garfiold and Gen. Arthur were both in the war, tighting the battles of their ._. Wliare waa Mr. English during the war? Will sonie of our democratie ezchanges please answer ? If Detroit censas enumerators keep on oorrocting their lists they will foot up 115,000 inhahitants in that city inside the cor porato limit. They lay claim to aome 15,iii in nlmbitants outside, or in the wuburbs. With all their hurrahiug for Hanoock, they fail to show up any of that gentleman' statesmanship. Do wc want mcrely a military man for president who has no idea of the civic affaire of our governnient? Skulking behind a unión major general the rebel brigadiers hope to step into power unohserved. Uut Uowevcr fair tbc mask, tbc same hideous faco is bcneath, and the people are not to be hoodwiuked bo casily. Tildón, with all his faults, was generous with his barrel of money, whilo the new man nominatcd to succeed him in the barrel act is directly the reverse. They begin to regret their hasty action at Cincinnati, ainl ehange of performers. One of the most prominent demócrata in the country, Henry B. Fayne, of Cleveland, is a personal friend of Gen. Garfield, and he says that tlie charges against him are not truc. Also that he has great faith in Garfícld'a integrity and honor. Will democrats believe one of their own party ? The American rifle team won a splendid victory over the Irish team at Dollymount, Ireland, Ia3t Tuesday, the 29th, making a score of 1,292 out of a possible 1,350, and beating their competí torn 12 points. A banquet was given the teams in the evening by the Lord Lioutenant of Ircland. Wry faces are upon the bourbons whenever the name of Hancock is spoken. It ia suggestive oi' hanging and killing rebels, an " unconstitutional act," according to their war record. Many of them propose to repoat their actions during the Grecley campaign, and stay at home from the polls. The demócrata are "feelin', round that jar'l " of English's but they don't find any bung hole. it is neaaou up uguv witu u iron grip hold of the faucet, aod no money is to run out of it, even if the colebrated proslavery owner is defeated by the mcans. Thcrc is wailing in the doniocratio camp. Gen. John A. Sutter, the founder of Sacramento, California, and on whosc farm on the Paoific coast the gold discovery waa made which led to the rush California-ward n 1849, died recently, at Litz, Lancaster county, Ponnsylvania. Gen. Sutter was at one time enormously wealthy, but he died aoor. ijton. urant was not nc tor me presiaenoy becausc he was a military man, but Han cock, you know is a civilian (?) Tho tliing has suddenly changed around. Thcrc sn't any howlinfi in domooratio ranks about " tho man on horseback" now or a military despotisro. What a difforeüoe it muku.s in whosc buil is being gored. Senator Blaine ia no skulker. The scsnion of Congresa at "" ''ni' '"' w'" t:l'il' a raonth's reorcation among the mountnins of Virginia, and thcn onter upon tho Maino canvass. That over, he will take a hand in Ohio, and work uninterruptedly until November, glad to go wherovor his services may be in dcmand. Gen. Orant denies the statement telegraphed over the country that ho had withdrawn from the republican party, but says hc shall give Garfield and Arthur a hearty support. The opposition have ooramenccd thcir lies so soon that they will have fertile brains if they don't " run emptina " before the campaign is half through. It is said of Prof. Andrew D. White, president of Cornell university, and at present our minister to Germany, that during all the years ho has ao ably presidod over that university he has never takon a cent as Ralary. Suoh generosity is so rare- in fact few literary men aro suíüciently wealthy to allow of it - that it is worth recording. The domoorats pretend to rejoice grcatly over the nomination of Hancock, but it i.s mercly pretencc, l'ir he laoks tho influenoe of " the barrel. " What in the world are they to do without that? Whcn their first wild npasms of exoitoment are over, and tho oss of Tilden's barrel fully niachos their conHciousncRS, there will bo many mournful aces in thoir ranks. The demócrata forgot something down at 'ineinnali the other day. They should ïave incorporated a plank in their platform to this effect : That tho elevation of any military man to the hixhest office in tho gift of tho peoplo, wan putting in imminent langer the great principies of civil liberty, as handed down to us from our fathere, and li ui we lunst, earnestly prntoht agniimt any suoh sii'p as looking toward a military diotatorahip. . Thcre are plenty of precedente for the assaults on Gen. Garfield. Thomas Jefferson was called a red ropublioan and an atheïst., Madison a coward, Monroe a milksop, John Quiney Adam a bargainer aud corru)tionist, Van Buren a libertino, and Linooln was stiginatized in tonus too indocent to repeat. It ia again rumored that Uod. ( raiit will bc offored the presidency of' the Nicaraguan canal couipany, which has reoently obUincd oonoessions froui the government of Nicaraugua. The cuonoy to carry out the plans of the company will bo subscribed by New York, Hiistnii, aud l'biladclphia capitalista, uiany ot' who aro personal frienda of tho cxl'resident. The Chicago Timen says : " The nomination of Gen. Hancock is a uiistakc, il' not a blunder. He is uot the man for leader of a politica! party in this or in any other politioal emergency." That exprosses the situation in a nutshell. Tbc sole claim niado by the democracy is that Hancock is a viHUary hcro. We do not want a military leader, but a civil atatesnian. Wni. II. English, oandidate for vioe-president on the democratie ticket, who is expected to furnish the sinews of war for the domoeracy during the present campaign, when he hcard that Chicago was burned and thousands of people were star ving and homeless, thrust his hand into his pocket, and uiagnanimously gave $1 toaid thesufferers. - Lansing ltepublican. We are glad to see the republicana who wandcred oft' on the greenback heresies returning to the old fold again. The last one of promioence whoin wc have noticed was Hon. J. W. Begole of Flint, a meniber of the 43d Congreas, who now announces his intention to support the republican ticket. He spokc at the recent Garfield and Art hur ratification meeting in his cjty. Raiload torpedoes and open cisterns are running a race to seo which can do the most mischief. The latter kills, while the formcr raaims for lifc, and both do theirwork through carelesB or lazy people. Nearly evcry paper we read bas an account of some child drowned, or a child or man hurt by the explosión of a railroad torpedo left by some person in a dangerous place. Why don't the democrats hunt up that one lone and solitary nieniber of the M. K. oonfereDce at Ciucinnati, who with prophetic visión voted for Gen. Hancock for president? They ought to write his name in letters of living light on the infer-eternal serull of democratie famc, or something of that sort. Take him for Hanoock's chief of staff to offset with his temporáneo principies his chicf 's convivial tastos. Wel!, to start with, tho republicana will concede the electoral votes of Mississippi, where Chisbolm dicd ; South Carolina, wbcre Butcher Butler lives ; Texas, the home of Calliope Ilubbard, and a few, other southorn states, perhaps Kentucky inoludcd, to Hancock aud English. Take them rigbt aliiiii;, there's no use of going through the forniality of an cleetion there. Ti.ssuo ballots and red shirt luilitia are too powerful to cope with. The new govornnient of Kngland has put its foot into a trap the fust thing, which tho wily Beacons6e!d was sharp ouough to keep out of. The trouble comes from parliament not allowing one of its members, Bradlaugh, a noted infidel, to affirm, instcad of taking thr oath of office which uiakes him .say he belicves in God. The government willprobably back down on the po.sition, as it ia uiaking a uiartyr of Bradlaugh. Some of the most bitter attacks wc have notioed upon Gen. Garfield have cume through groenback papers. Now these papers had botter go a littlc slow on one charge, that of salary grabbing, as Gon.' B. F. Butler, whoin they propose to eloct as president in the event of their holding the balance of power, is not only the chiefest of all salary grabbers, but the author of the bilí, while the charge as far as Garfield is ooncornod is a sheer fabrieation. In the north the democratie newspapers throw mud at the republican candidates; in the south the democratie votors throw rot. ten eggs at republican speakers. A ratification meeting in Montgomery, Alabama, was broken up with argumenta of this sort the other day. With vilification in one section of the country, and intimidation in the other, tho democratie campaign opens bravely. Howaboutthat free speech plank in thoir platform 't Is it a lie and a dclusion ? The editor of the Lake Citv Jon--' :- gnt to tue last, tor two ycars ho haa kept standing tin: picture of Gen. Grant at the head of liis columns, with the Icgond: "For President in 1880, ü. S. Grant." When bis favorite by a few votes fsiled of the nominalion, most every one looked for a graucful rctreat, but they didti't know the man. Instead of any such move, lic simply had the compositor remove the 0 aud put a 4 in its place. Ho supports Garfield, however, and will probably be moro enthusiastic att he gets warmed up in the oampaign. Tho Hon. Win. Newton, of Flint, the gentleman who was chosen to the position of chairman of the temporáneo state central committcc, is a very able man. Like Mr. Frazer, he had been a life-long democratup to the time of the greenback movement, when hc went into that and entirely and oomplotely renouneed allcgianoe to the democratie party. Now that the greenback party has so declined as to bo out of the raoe, wouldn't it bo well for Mr. Newton, like Mr. Frazor, to como over to the party which would respect and not sneer at his tempcranoe principies. Duane Doty, a resident of this eounty in bis earJy years, and for several years superintendent of schools in Detroit, but for the last few years oocupying a .similar position in Chioago, was removed by the school board recently, who said he was too heavy on the details, and destroyed the efficiency of his teachers by keeping them empioyed too many hourson reporta, examination papers, etc. Some of Micbigan's school boards k'ttcr investigato thcir superintendent on ibis same score. We know ol teachers in Michigan schools who are empioyed on an average four or fivo hours a dy, Ix'side their regular duties, in this " detail business." Gen. Bradlcy S. Johnson delivered the addross at the deooration of the eonfoderate soldier graves in Bnltimore, and in bis reinarks .said : " the cause which those men dicd to serve is to day as just, honest, and lioly a cause as it was when they laid down their lives for it on the noil of Virginia, fhey werocontrollod by the principios whiuh their fathers fought fur in 1776. Without any oommission from their own state, and aeking even theory to back them in lawful war, their devotion mcrits and tliey hall yet have a monument in thostreots of' Haltimorel" He appoaled to sympaihiziTs with the rebollioti tai take charge of this Matter, and see to it tliat il. goos on with renewed activity. Gen, Hancock first attranteil tlie at ten tion of the deuioorauy when in onimand ol Lmiihiana and 'IYxa.s by an order that the military power .should in all OMM bc sube to the civil. At that time thu rebel' -..--- ¦ - -- - hands were red with the blood of union soldiere, and the order has ever sinoe been considered a mere bid for the imiuinalion which lio ha at last suoccoded in obtaining, for he did not faithfully oarry out tbc order. The records show that aldermcn, street ooiuminflionera, etc, in New Orlenns were removed by his authority, and military men put in, in thoir ttcad. It was siiuply a po litieal oateli, and at'ler many ycars it has caughX. The Chicago Tribune of a recent issue Las tilia to say rcHpecting a Michigan man and the future prospcots : " Couirrosgman Conger, of Mlohlgan, ono of tlio notable men In lhoC'hicnf;oconvfiitloii,Hiil one whoHe valuablo wtvh'i on cUb lrinan of the oommlttoe on credeutlalti aiut on the flooroi the convontlon wlll not soon bo Anyotten y tho ropiihlii-an pfirty, arrivtnl tn l'hlcajio reci'iitly, on hls wuy to MlunettotA, for a muehneedod porlod uf rest rïkï raonpofation Hm h-coiupamod Oen.Qurtlold h far woHt as Allinuco, and uear testlmony to the onthuslantlc F0O4Ptlon aocirded ttie General by the poopU' altüg tlio line of travel. Mr. Conger, havlngconvirsed wil h Senator Blalnc on the mibject, is ablu U stat.' that the latter is entlrely plpnsud witli M-ii . Garfluld'K iioiniuatlon. and wlll uo tuto 1 1n1 ratnpalgu and exerclsc iiIh splondia ablli1 's as a speaker to tlie utmost to In h in eleotloii. Bemttor Cameron, of Peunsylvanla, ¦lm also traveled with the party as far aa Al toona, was very cordial lu hls intercourse with i tan. Uurtleld, dlscusHed campalgn plan freoly, and expressed conildonce of a grana republlcan victory in November. It Is twelve years slmv the republlcau party was so thoroughly united aa uow upon the presldentlalquention." Wednesday's l'ost and Tribune thus " gives away" ono of the Frec Press strawn : " The Free Press says a vote was taken on the stcamer City of Detroit on her return froiii the excursión to Toledo laat Friday, resulting in 76 for Hancock to 45 for Garfield. A gentleman who saw the proeess of taking the vote says it created considerable amusement on board. A Hancock man went ashore at Toledo and got pretty well filled up with Maumee whisky. Ho was in a very befuddled condition on bis return, and when he went about to take his vote an individual, to play a practical joke on him, followed him about, and ovcry few moments met him faoc to face. The inebriated Huncocker-doodlo doo ncver reooguizud him, but asked him every time how he voted, and he voted every time for Hancock. At the close of the canvas he reported that he had voted 70 times, and in this way Ilanoock got 76 votes. The affair created great merritnent on the boat. It is not known wbo sold the Free Press with the story."