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lo a foriner issue we gave the opiuions of eminent acholara in the oast um the inerits of this grcat work, but wo now quuto from those at home : Froni Jas. tí. Angelí, LL. D., President l'nivrsit} and Minister to China: "A roliablo addition to the library of every fauiily." From Prof. Alexaniler WinchcU,LL. D., Professor of Geology and Palcontvloty, Author af Sketches of Creation, etc., etc: Johnson's Natural 11 story has niy unquali fii!il endoraenicnt." 'From Prof. II. S. Frita, LL. ., Acüimj Presidmt: "An admirable exainplo ot' thu happy combination of the scientific and popular, pleasantly relatad by aneodote with illustrations giving the work an aluiost artistic character." From Prof. Edward Olney, LL. D., Profeisnr of Mathematica tmd Autlutr of Oitcy's Algebra, Geometry, etc, etc: "Volumes which will be resd habitually in auy intelligent family aad l would they could bo put inio the banda of every family in our state." From llon. Thomas Coóley, LL. D., Jtiy Pniftssor of Laio and Jatlge ƒ the iSbpfWM Conrt of Micliigan: "A work in whioh the publishers make good all their proiuiscs. I havo orderod it believing that it luis high value and will be attractive to iicrsims of all ages and all stagos of culture." Scventy copies an; alrcady ordereU berc. It will pay to examine it. It is tho bust thin lo put toto the hands of young (niiple we ever saw. An Oriental describes this busy secno, witnesMcd on historie Nliores : "Our stcamer laoded on a bcauh which was tlio port of Autiooli, wlien: tho diseiplea wcre first, called Chrintians. Thero was no town at the water'n edgu, no penple, na wharf. The passengurs and the rehaiúfiae won; put ashore in lighlcrs, whieh run up into tho sand. A troop of oiiiiM'l.s, with their drivers, lay on tho beuuh, ready to transfer tho gooda into the interior. Auinn; tho artioles landed wero boxea uiarked 'Dr. J. 0. Ayer & (Jo., Iiowell, Maas., IJ. S. A.,' showinf,' that they cjutainod medicines and wheuoe lli. v eauic. Theso with other goods were lioi-u.'d on tho. backs of' Oüinels, for transportution to Antioch. Thus tho skill of tho west smid bank its mtoedfoa to homl tlio uiuladirs of populutious that inhábil (lioso eastorn sboret, whn our spiritiml uiiinuu caiue.


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