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The Why And The Wherefore

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OF TUE GKUAT RUSH AT BACH & ABEL'S Ih. Thcy curry the fmgtmt Ntock at all kinds of goud (o bc round in Ami Arbor, vh,-, imtkis Nhoppl"K mmttr or pleasurc. I. Thclr larffc Itin of Ladlea' and ent' FurnlsliliiK Ciood, Holery, ;ion ,, riulerwear, f JMIBI. lOiiibroldcrlcs, laraols Ribbons Fan, Cor-I, nnl I'uiu- lrc) QmméB, liiwure lo llMr piilroiiw ahnihl 'v-ry Iliey wlih loucr Ilian il cun bc IohimI in an ollicr in iIm-,Uj, One price and a low pricofor Ladies', Cents' and Children's Spring and SummerUnderwear. PARASOLS ! PARASOLS ! Oiir lock of fttfUioll tliln spring I mot novol, varled anti plenttlng. Tlicy are In olor umi ¦trlea 1 malcli Ilic prcvallliiB Mylon or lm Joods, Ix-lm; In Xalln, Mik, Brocado, ivilli anNorled llningH. LOW PRICES PREVAIL IN THIS DEPARTMENT. $ltS$r SÍX.KST SItKS! SSX-KdT It Is an ackuowlcdgcd Tact tliat W lead Ilic Slik Trndv In Ihc Interior or tlic late. Wc liavc advaiilaKCN tliat no othcr Iioiimc In Uil ct-llon pMBMi Spvclal Httenllon t-allod lo our liundMtiue Klack Slik at 5S, 5, 75, O and 100 tenis. BfOfMI Black Slik, heavy ciioiigli Tor Mick, at 1.9,1, 1.39 and #1.1. Also a Tnll line cqually M clicap from #1.O to 1.00 per yard. The tfreat larKaii,' Tor the next ten day will bc our $ 1 .25 Colorod Silks at $1 .00. We respectfully cali your attention to the above, where you wlllfínd faets and figures worthy of your notlce. It is to your own interest, and you can not afford to let the opportu nlty escape you. kemembku that tuk i-hce to tkaue i whekethëï makk I'kicks, ..m oi wiikhk THEV MEET T1IEM. BACH &c ABEL, CASH DRY COODS HOUSE.


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