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Wc have Lean ouablod tu obuin the followiaf figures in rulation to ione uf the townsliips ofthis county, wbicli wiil bc of interest to our readers. SALINE. Tho followinR facto in rclaïion to thin township wcrc obtaincd by thceensuu cnumerator, Mr. 11. H. Marsh : N. of inhabitada. „... .1,1127 No. In s.ilini' vlllago No. of rarniH 2WI Nu. of hirtliM 111 No. oIiIihMis „ H7 No. of iiiiiun i.'ic.Miri uk usUiblUUmenM... il No.of special nmnl. eatauIUhmenta. .. K No. Kiiw MitllM produclUK WH imjt vcar . 1 No. grint inlllK 2 No. of Idiota No. Jii8uno 1 lom. Tlie fullowing ia the cnuineralor'N ttfUH of thi" townMhii of lyoili : Intiabitants jfig No. lamín lyj No. ilfiitii.s .„.., il No. special maní. establishment 2 No. insaue 2 No. miuiufucturiDg establishment....!. i No. paupers „ 1 No. büiid '.. 1 SUPERIOR. Mr. Editor - Will you pleasc the readers of your paper in Superior by publishing the names and ages of thoue over 75 years of age froiu that township : Jesse Corwin, 79; Sarah Corwin, 78; Samuel Casey, 76 ; William Clark, 76 ; Mary (Jatap, 77 ; Iaaao Denyke, 79 ; Patriek Duress, 75; Philo Galpin, 76; Therea ïlarper, 75 ; Charlotte McKim, 82 ; Matilda Walker, 81 ; Noah V. Mann, 79 ; öeorge McDougall, 77; John Sherwood, 78 ; Jacob Sweitzer, 77 ; Robert Sherwood, 75; Philip Winncy, 77; James O. Thompson, 8G ; Bctsey Thompson, 83 ; John Barney, 90; Polly Townsend, 79. Yours respectfolly, Enumera tor All who contémplate patronizing that excellent proparatory school, the Michigan Military Academy, should send to Colouul Hogers for the new catalogue. Addrcss hirn at Orchard Lake.