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Professor I'layfair suya : " If 1 only bend my arm, or movo my fingcr, thero is i certain portion of tho tissuo dehtroyed, whieh Miust be stipplird by my food ; tlic more work a man performs, tho more of these nitroKonoussubstancoshe roquires. ïheother class ot' f'ood serves a very important, biú quite different purpose - supplying animal heat. The temperatura of our bodies is, in températe olimatM, at leunt, highe-r tiua thc surrounding air, and in order to keei) up this temperature, a combustión goes on similar to tliat of an oi-'linnry fire. The same producís - carbonie acid, water and auimonia - are evolved from the raoutb of the furnaee oF tho body, and the utuuth of a eommon ehimiiey. ín cold weather a cortain portion of' heat ia gradually extracted from our body, which must be Biipplied by the combuntion of our f'ood, or of the matter of our bodies ; the colder the olimatd, therefbre, the moro hearly must be the food." The Port Huron Times : " It is not true, as alIcK'-d by sume of the democratie papers, 1 1 1 : 1 1 (in. (!ar!iold was a member of thc commissioii (h;U triccl and sentenoodto deatfa Mrs. Burratt. The commission was OOtnpOMd of' military olEeers. üen. Garlidil was at ihat time a civilian and a member of congress. It is true, however, that fíen. [Janeock exhibitcd preat heartlessness in aooQOOtion with tho cxecution of the wouian. (Ie was in eommand, saysan exchange, "of that military departuient at the time. Mrs. Surratt, no doubt, desrrvcd her f'ate, luit Oen. Haooeok wal nt justified in rafunng to k'70 her the benefit of clergy."


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