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A Touching Incident

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A St. Louis paper tells a touching Htory of school lifc. It illustratos both the longins "f ehildron to appear aa wcll u tlicir school-niatcs, and tho mental sufferings incident tq poverty. ín ono of tJie St. Louis public schools mauy of' tho ohildrcn who carne f'rom a distance wcrc MOWtomed to bring a lunch, and lima save a long walk homo f'or dinner. They generally ate it togotbcr and liad a nierry timo. AuiODg tbose who stoppt'd ono of' the teachers notieed :i titile girl who never brought any lunch, but who lookcd wist lully at her playmatcs an they wcrc oatíng tho noon meal. Hut ono dny tho littlu girl brought licr buadlc also, wrapiied in a paper. At noon sin: did not go with tho others, but rcuiained at her desk, as f prefinniog to cat alone. The teacher, thinking her uusocial, adráed her to go to the lunch room with her playtuatos, and walkod towards the desk to tako hor bundlo. Bat tho liltlegirl, bursting into sobs, said : "Don't toucti it tcachor; and, oh, teacher, dou't tell, jileaso. It'a only blooks." The poor girl had no dinner to bring, but wished to keep up "appoarancos," so as lo not seetn unlike hor schooluiates. And she was one of' tho best soholars in the school. She was very dcar to the teacher's heart after that incident.


Ann Arbor Courier
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