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EME. OH A. SES'S FAMILY MEDICINES. Tb ortglnatoi ol Dr. Chaie'a Famlly Medí ¦ .,. s i.s tU.' author oí lr. linn. -, lt.,,,,.,. or, Informa ,, lor Kv,.r,I,„,t,, a„„ Recipe Hooks bearlng bli ,,„„., .„,,, " brougbt about Ibroogb the Inquirí oí mnn, oí tba purchaaan t Ih Hooks for sometía 10 meet thelr Ungwtog „,„, ,.,,,,,1,,,,1,,.,1 (l eaaed eondltlona, whleh theydld not timide. -itíIm (1 [i his !;oks. Tiio proprtatonhlpoflhe Medicines, nndth, builneaa management of the aame, havtu pulid luto the hand of the DR. A. W. CHASE MEDICINE COMPANÏ WITll HEADQjLJARTERS AT CHASE'S mu Fumo son AWW ARBOR, MICH., vv' v ' ahile, ihat ilicy otii MI amarad tiiat Utr. phJMWa TtO] He4t-Ii-s wlll jlve Diem a gteter ntUbcUm toan any ottaen, tor Um PIiumm t,,i wuioh tlifir Harnea Indloate thetuto have been eqnaJ to tlmtof hls Hooks overaU oiher booka oí n Hlinllar elinracicr, ns ihown liy thelr Mies, which bave ezeeeded the Hleaoíu) Dther, rnachlng ovw uno mlllion roplm. Olve Una ¦ trlal, IbanAm, nml know for yonreelves, s all wo iu;k. DR. OHASE'S Gough and Wound Balsam Haa heen f.mnd the qnlokeat and moat coitaln cure of Oongba of any praparaUon In use; hIki quickly rolicvint; Hoaneneaa, Soreneai o Tliront or Lnngs, Puin orTigbtneM :icr. . Bronohltla, Clergyman'i Bore Tliroat, uní Conaamptloo In all Ita eailler stnges. Whooplng ('ini[;h, Croop, etc. Trice $1 por Bottlc, or Bottlea for S DR. CIIASE'S DYSPEPTIC CORDIAL AND BLOOD REGENERATOR Prevent and earea tha l'aln and Dlstreea of tlie DyapepUo aftex rmiala. anrt fur PorUytng and Benewlng Uje lilood, qulekly tonltiK up the Btomach, and luvisoratins? Ule wholeSyatem. I'iitc ti )wr Bottk) or Botllos for $5. DR. OHASE'S Liver 1 Anti-Bilious Pilis For ciiriuK tlie Dlsen-se of the LlTer, and so reettng Iüüoub conclitlons of the systcin, us WeU as for all Cathartlc jiurpooK. SiiKiircoatod ; ¦alling IDC !Í5 cent i-r Hox. M IIoxcm. iMtinit, for "1. DR. CHASE'S AMERICAN LINIMENT . AND- PAIN ERADICATOR ís a double-atrenstb Llnlment, uadloaUng mU'iual or externa) Pain (iiñckcr and more pi rmanontly tlian any other iu uso. TvoatnOf- .10 rentH nd n,- or larga Bottlea for sa. DR. CHASE MEDICATED PLAST ER ís pnt np Ín Holl or silck Form, wlilcli wlll ¦praad a dozeu Plast rrs, glving n atrengthenlif and heallng llaster Air two conts not ofiualed hy tiloso for whlcli yon puy two shllllnt's : aeü" lng for 23 cents ptr roll ; llvo rolls, pottpeád, ti. Dr. CHASE'S MAREH SNÜFF ís íor tha ijuick curo of " OoMa In the Head," and doing aii for oíd Cantuta Oatanrn tiiat medlolne oan do. öollinu tor so ct. perbottle, 1 OKDERI(J Any ol meso Medicines, (If yonr DruuRl I not gol thH!n,)or for any lnrther LniormaUon in relatlon to them, addreaa tlio r. V. . CHASE MEDK'IM: C6MFAST, A ii ii Vilior. Mlk. WU wTtremaiñ li'16 APDET OFF1CK AT A.A.TEURY'SHATSTORE Vortli Brlllsh IiiHiiriiiict' 'oiii') (of hondón and KdinburK'h,) Capital t)S,00OiO0O, Qold. Octrolt Flro huí! HarlBC In. ¦ (Janh AsccIk IWO.OBO. $prlllf;ll(-li llix. II1'). orWH'--AfButH tunajin. llovitrl Init. :oM or t' Vork, Oak Af-ctH II.IMI.OÜO. AKrionliiiral iBiarance omi') WATIÍUTUW N, . NKW ÏOBK. Casb Aasak íl,2sio,uou. ¦ liberal!; adjasted ipd promptly l1'1"' jr .. llf ¦ klTrn ACENTS TO SELL TEA, 11 Mil I LJ ikO'Ítn hum mu. ioi:t


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