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Flie New York Tribune publishes the followiug sensible reruarks to the boys and girls at school : There are certaia mistaken whieh can be made by you, the boy or girl on beginning school this weck, which will be enduring as your life. They have littlo to do with your text-books. Whun you are fifty years oíd, it will matter little iu your daily life wliether you studied Homer in the origininal or in a translation at fifteen. But it will matter how niuch you studied it ; with what persistenee, what sincere anxiety to reauh tho bottouj of each new tkought, what unflagging, healthy industry. At fifty you may not remember a single line of your school-books in yoursatchel to-day, hut the brain will remain. They inay be lost like thu grindstone oq which you sharpencd a wonderful tooi, but the tooi. will be yours to cut your way through the world, and every weary turn of the wheel now which sharpens it will teil then. Another mistake you will be likely to make at school is to have too much self-conceit and too little sclf-respect. Sclf-conceit will make you hold yoursclf and your school and your petty affairs of the first importanoe in the world. Self-conoeit exagger ates your importance to the world-, but self-respeot shows tbc importance of yourt-elf to yourself. It lifts you above schools or def'eats, or death itself. The important matter to you, beginniog sohool, is uot how this teacher or that cnnducts himsclf to you ; whether he is partial, incapable, unjust ; but how you conduot yoursolf to him ; whether you ure truthful, honest, manly. Forty years hcnce what will his injustieo or incapaoily matter to you? lle will lio do moro wcight in your life thau a puft' of smokc in the sky to-day. Hut the lie you teil, tho oheating to gain high standing, tlie tricky mcanness shown to a weaker boy - they will live with you, you will cirry their marks with you whon you lie stiff and white in your coffin. In a word, boys and girls, it is not p&rcnts nor schools who uro making you, it is you who are mak ing yournelvcs. It is not Leaoder or Virgil which the world will see alive in you at middlo ae, Imt the trifling lotions of your daily life now ; the little vices and uooleannesses, orthosweet, high courtesies kindiiL'fis and courage of your .¦-chool-boy live?. Somebody tersoly says, that formerly tho richest countries were those ia which nature was most active : now the richest uountries are those in which man is most active.


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