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! 1 ; 1 DAyTsEPTEMBER 24, 188o7 , i„tiK and OpentiiK of malla. Mails leavlng Aim Arbor, East and West, wlll OMu(bUoWi: QOINO WS8T. rhrougli and Way Mali .10:50 $5 Sin bWeeu Auu Arbor and m Nlglrr:::::::::""""- ::::r.3S! P. . GOING EAST. Throiigh ""1 w'l' Mali, Nlght Llue,6:0C a. m. t , ::, and Wy Mail, sunday and 1Moi.W. c108 "'ur1'l-v 'uia 8un-9:Oop m rbíS'agí.índWiy iïalïr:.Ï05Sa"m., 4) p. in'. inruu OOINO SOUTH. Ypsllnntl and Bauker's Pouch .7:00 ft. m. ,'ZSdrïbüïed'arraVS: a Wwwtn Man üUtrlbuted at s a. m. and 6:20 p lïikson Mali aud Way Mali between JackJn .uul Aii.i tehor dlstrtbutod at 11:16 a. m. Mouroo and Adrlnn pouoh, 10:15 a. m. Tl e i mail to Wliltmoro Lake, Hamburg and Webstor laavau Tuewlay, Thursday anSSaturdttj'8 at 9 arn TraTelers' Gulde Tralns arrlve aud depart from the Mlculgan ntral Depot lu this city as followa : TBAINS AÜT. Atlantic Exprees ¦¦ J-;' KÜamr8commdation.: '. ". " ü 8Í40 a.' mi Orand Kaplds Exprew ï-m' ...........................6.". ' ' TRAIN8 WB8T. Mall 8.40a.m. nvFxDre8 11.00 a.m. g&diKSi ExPre 5-SK-S' jackson Jixpr ,¦ Bvenlng Kxpreas W.OO p. m. puclflc Express Hil?'' tka1 PaflseDKcr . "¦ AU tralus are ruu by Chicago time. whlch U fltteen minutes slower than Anu Arbor time. Friends „r Tlie Courler, wh fce huiiii- at the Probate Conrt, wlll nloaMO nir-1 Judge Ilarriman to ïend their l'rlntlnj; to tb! ofBo".


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