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Medical Use Of Eggs

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For burus or scalds nothing is more sooth ing than the white of anegg, which may be poured over the wouiid. lt is sof'ter as a varniah for a burn than collodion, and bein, always at hand can bu applied iwuiediately lt is also more cooling than the "sweet oi and cotton," which was formerly supposec to be tlie surest applieation tü allay the smarting pain. lt is the contact with ai which givoji thn extreme discomf'ort experi eopedirom ordinary aociduntsof'this kind and anything which excludes air and pre ventH inflammation i.s tito thing to be at once ;ipplied. The egg in a!ao considered one of the bes remedies fordysentery. Boaten up slight ]y with or without sugar, and swallowed a u gulp, it tends by its euiollient ((ualities t( lussen the ini! miination of the stouiach aiu inle.stines, and by fbrmlng a transient coat ing on those onrans to euable nature to re Hume her healthful sway over the diweasei body. Two, or at must three eggs per day would bc all that is required in ordinary cases ; and sincc the egg is not merely med ieine, but food as well, the lighter the die otherwiüe, and the quieter the patiënt i kont. the moro certain and rapid is tlu1 n


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