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Board Of Supervisors

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The board of supervisors for this uounty, hum ut thu court house htst Muuday uiorting. An organization was offectod by rli. i, hik M. F. Oase, ol' Pittbfield, as chairiiiiin, by a vote of 15, to 8 for M. L. Shuttu, of Ypsilanti ; 1 for Horatio Burch, of Maochestcr, and one for D. G. Roso, of Sharon. Thu chairuian bas announccd the followitiK xtanding cnmuuttees: Kqunlization- John W. Blakesleo, Horatio Burch, Albert R. Gravea, Patrick S. Purtell, Isaac N. S. Foster. Criminal claims - Wm. Daniingburg, Tohn L. Smith, James M. Kress. Civil claims- Freeman P. Galpin, Jas. I. Lyman, Gco. II. llhodcs. To settle with county officers - Lee Yost, )avid G. llose, Thomas D. Lanc. Salaries of county officers - Alonzo 01saver, M. L. Shutts, A. A. Gregory. Apportionment ot' state and county tazea-Conrad Krapf, Edwin W. Wallace, W. S. Depew. Public buildings - W. E. Depew, Geo. 1. Rhodüe, Bcnj. C. Boyce. Rcjected taxes - Waker H. Danecr, Alonzo Olsaver, John G. Feldkamp. Per diem allowauoe- I. N. S. Fostcr, John G. Feldkamp, Jas. II. Lyman. To examine accounts of the suporintendonts of the poor- A. A. Gregory, Michael Staebler, M. L. Shutts. Finance - Thomas D. Lanc, Lee Yost, Javid G. Roie.