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All Sails Set To Catch The Popular Breeze!

All Sails Set To Catch The Popular Breeze! image
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MACK HMID'S GREAT DRY GOODS SHIP Always Leads in the Race and is Miles Ahead of all Competitlon. The Small Profit System (of which this house is the sole exponent) is Bound to Win the Day. Take a Clance at a Few Samples of the Cargo : IVottee our Black and Colorcd All-Wool ii-luncrc. doublc widlli, 4O cents sold tlxHliirc for I. to " cent ; very good quali l j 05 cents sold clscwhcrc at 75 centH ; Lupin's extra lim-, 75 cents worth I.OO ; Frcnuli Salin IMaid, 60 cents French IMai.l. 5O cents, wcll uorih 60 cents; Lupln's II-Uol BLACK UOODK, C'rapc Imperial, Basket and Monile Cloth, Irap De Alma, Koyal IVkin, BLACK C4SHMEHES, Mik and Velvcts, Klik Brocados Satín Brocades l'ekiii Stripcd Vclvettt at lower price tlian auy Iioiihc in the iiiuiIj, a complete asüortmcnt of Triinming silk at 75 ccnls usnullj oii at N5 co ii Is. All ncw Hhndcfi of Ir Mik tltk A Kclimid ofTcr at l.l, a better quallt)' of Colored lr Klik. and a lunch flner iioooriiiiciii tlian can be bought cixvihirc iri.a.i; Ilandüome BLACK GROS GRAIK sii.k, 70 cents Black, heavy.ricli Mik, S5 cent, a heavy Oro Oraln Slik, warrantcd to wear wcll, sl.oo. an Elegant Mik, oft and very rich, at gl.ito ; Sublime qnallty, siiperb color, very heavy, at i.:t, i. .".. 1.75. Mack & Schmid have added the most reliable and durable makes of Black Sijks totheiralready incomparable stock thefamousCachemire Alexandria, which is warranted not to cut or wear ehiny, and is universally acknowledeed to be the best silk ever made. Black Satln Ic l.j ' in dincrent crades Black and Colored Silk Vclvet l'roin l.oo to i:t.OO per yard, Black and Colored Satin Trom 50 cents up. EXTRAOKDIWUV BARGAIXS on our counters dally and It i atonihiiig how they heil. A moiintain of barains in the mornlng wlll uu-U away till there is noiliimü left tn the evenlng. iMain Flanncls Tlledleated FlanneN, Saxony FlanneU, Fnibroldered l'laiuul, Opera and Plaid Flanncls, Shakcr Flannels Cloaks Dolmans, Shawls, Shirts, Corsets love, I.imnv Quilts Touvla, lauiak-. CLOSE AND JUDICIOUS BUYINC, Cash in Buying and Selling, combined with the Small Profit System, are bound to win the day. SW7-1O18


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