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A Spider And Her Brood

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Thcy havo in the sub-treasury, at (he custoni house, a spider which is making itself quite a public character. Several inotiths .ifio it was oaught from a buneh of bananas that liad come from the Wet-t Indios, and it i.s about the size of the palm of a man's hand. It was captured and put into a cigar box with a glaes top, so that its movements could be watched. Shortly afterward anothcr spider of the same species was captured in the same way, and placed in the box with the othcr. They proved to be male und feiuule - the first ooiner being the latter gender. About thrce days after tbcy bad been placed together - during which time they lived very amicably - the f'euiale suddenly turntd in and killed and ate up Dr. Tanner, as the male was called (because he ncverate anything. ) Whether I)r. Tanner proved a lasting antidote to hungcr, or wliether remorse tortured the soul of the heartless fair one, she has never eaten unyihing since, although six weeks have elaps-ed. Prior to that time she would i-nag a honey bee placed in the box with astuni.-.hinK facility, and flies stond a poor chaiini whi:n tlny carne within range of her enormous ántennse. One morning about four weeks ago she was discovered carrying armiiid, claspcd toher bosom, a suiall white all'air, looking likt' a man]) mallow drop, hut which w;is rivi[ly made of finely-woven web. Tlii.s .she carricd with her all the time, and would figlu like a tiger if anyoDe tried with a stick to dinpossess her ot it I This Hinall sacfiho carried, and was veryreticent eoncerning it, until the other day - as every mie wasgettiog disguted - it swelled and burst, and about 10,()0() tiny spiderlings swarnied froui its interior and roosted around on the maternal back and Icrs. -


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