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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1880. CIomIiik and Opeulng of tin. Mails leavlng Anu Arbor, Kastaud Went, wlll close as follows: QOINQ WB3T. riiroiigli and Way Mail 10:50 a, in. Way Mi'11 betweeu Anu Arbor and laokaoD 4:B0 p. m. Nlgbt Mali : " QOING KAST. Througli and Way Mali, Nlght Llne,8:0C a. m. fnraogn and Way Mali, sunday and Mouduy, closea Salurday and Buuduy ulglit 9:00 p. m. f hrougli and Way Mali 10:26 a. m., 4:50 p. m. UOINO SOUTH. YDSllantl and Hunker' I'ouch 7:00a. m. Toledo and Way 11:10 a.m. Kasleru Mails dlstrlbuted at 8 a. in., 12 in. ""wBsierii Mali dlstributed at 8 a. m. and 6:20 P Jackson Mali and Way Mali between Jackon and Anu Arbor dlstrlbuted at 11:15 a. m. Mouroe and Adrluu pouoli. In: ir. a m. The mail to Wliltmor Lake, Hamburg and U.bstor leaves Tueaday, Thursdays and Saturdays ut Trmvelera' Gutde Traína arrlve and depart trom the Michigan central Depot In thU olty as follows : TKA1NS BAÜT. Atlantic Express 2.06a. m. Nlirlit Express B.iSa. m. Kalaniazoo Accommixlatlon 8.40 a. m. Urul Kaild Kxpress 10.35 a. m. Uy Expresw 5.07 p. m. Mali 5.42 p.m. TKAINS WIST. jfall 8.40 a. m. Dy Express 11.00 a. m. (Jraml liapids Express 5.22 p. m. Jackson Expres 7.85 p. m. Eveniug Expres U.VO p. m.. Paclflc. Express. U.17 p. m. Local Passenger S.18a. m. All train are run by Chicago time. which Is alteen minutes slower than Anu Arbor time. Kri.'iul of The t'ourler, who have buHiueHH at the Probate Court, wlll nloane requent JnlK Harrlman to end their Prlntlnc to thi office.


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