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Why Not A Democrat?

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I lerc are ten good reasons why a wnsible man and a patriot should not be a deuiocrat : 1. Because the democratio party was the slave party, and instigated the war to extend and confirme slavery. ¦_'. Because the demooitUio party holde to state rights as paraiuount to United StatM riirliN. .;. Bce:iu-e (hc democratie party opposes means to seeuro honest elcetions, even, in eongress withholding appropriations to pay United States judges and marshals and at tompting to coerce thtPreñdent bys'arvii]r the government. l. Beeause tke democratie party doos not allow political freedouj in tliesouth, intimidates voters, oastl t'raudulent votes, HU makes falso roturas. 5. Because all but one or two of the drmocratic ttatea have repudiatcd their state debtsand t)u-ir acts show them to be in t'avor ofrepudiating tlie national debt. 6. Beoause tira democratie party, and Mpecially it.n chiof and controlling element, is respomible lor all the refferiDgl of the war ; tor the anguish of the thousands of' mothen, wives nd children of our heroic soldiers. 7. BecatlsB the democratin party is rejionsible for the loss ot hundreds of thou sands of the most valuable lives and for the Hurden of" a debt the. magnitude of which is beyund human conception. S. Bocaus.i it is a party which stops ;it no iniquity tu nee miplish its ends. l'roof : II hus murdered at least, one President, burned down orphan asylums of weeping, helpleea children, and hanged unoftendiiitf nejfroeg to lamp-posts, domocratic women even kindling tires underneatli tbein. 9. Becau iwmanas?ers haveissued lens of thonsands of gpurioas natnralization oer lificates in order that the holdevs therool' might vote the democratie ticket. 10, Becau-e .i consistent, loyal man oannot vote for even a unioD general who, after having fought the rcbellion four years, a willing to step inlo Jcff. Davis' shoes as leader of the exconfederatcs for tlie sake of the honor and emolumenta of the Presidential o(5cc.


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