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Colds and cold weather. To Edward and Clara Harmon a daughter. Rev. Mr. Blair was not able to preach last Sunday. Clura and Jennie Bendie have been visiting in Lcoawee. They hve decided to have a Christu as tree at the Methodist churuh. Mrs. Clairsa Dansingburg, who has been failing with eonsunijition for a long time, is now worse. Mr. and Mrs. Hirani Thompson have just returned froui a visit of about two weekt in York State, ainong their friend-. DEXTER. There will bc appropriatc cxercises on Christnias eve at the M. K. churo.h. Quite a immber of Oouiukb. subscriber? here failed to receive their paper last week. Mrs. A. lt. Beal started Wednesday murning tbr a few weeks viit at Hillsdale. ïhero is to be a Sunday school meeting at the Baptist church next Sunday evening, at which time there will bc addresses delivered by pastors and pupcrinlendents on S. S. work. Dr. T. J. Ritter, of Milton, Pa., and Miss Della Waite.youngest daughter of B. W. Waite, of this village, were married at the bride's f.ither's, last Sunday p. iu., by Rev. L. L. Gage. It was a private wedding. The happy couple started Tuesday worning for Milton, l'a., their future home. The ludies' ,oeial oirelo of the M. E. church, have adopted a very pleasant mclhod of holding meetings. Instead of meeting at the church, as fonnely, they meet at the residences of different uiembers from time to time. In this way it becomes a social as well as business meeting. Tea is also taken at times.