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The Teacher's Lot

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Teacher: "And ÜW Lwfll '-!lil1 "lllu Moses - Mapgio Ford put down ihat slatel" 'l'lio teacher i likc the caadle whiih iirhts others in ooDBUiuing itself. - Kuffiiii. Dellghtfol task ! to roar the tender Uiought, To teaoh the young idea how to shoot. - Thomson's " Spring. To sentence a mao of true genius to the drudgery of a school is to put a race-hoie in a mili.- Colton. Tancbt oruntaught thedonoeUltlll the same; Yet Stil! the wretehed maater bears the blunif. - Drydeu. The schoolmaster is apt to be a favorito with the feniale part of creation, especially in the rural distriets.- Irving. UneiiNV lif tlie heads of uil who rule : The most bo bli whose Mndora to whool. I cutí easierteach twenty what wcre ood lo be dono than be one of the twenty to Ibllow my own teaching.- Shakspeare. praoaplor, gazing idly round, Now il Uirclomlsi.n.l DOW at the gtMB grMMt inl all absorbed la reverles profouud ui i:ur Mmln 1" ihe upper closs. - Longfellow. Worried and tormcntaU into monotooous feebleness, the best part uf life grouud out of liim in a mili of boys.- Dickeos. -- Bba dwells by great. Kenhawa's slde. In valleys green and cool, ml all hei none uid all lier pride in ber vllliige svliool. - Longfellow. If a stnáent couvinee you that you are wrong and he is ri&ht, acknowledge t uheerfully, and- hug him.- Kuierson. Tlie twlg Is so easlly hended, I have bmiiHiied the rule and the roil ; I havettiught theni thespodneas o( knowledge, 1 Ik v liavi' Uiuulit me the goodiii'Ssof Ood. -Charlea Die klusou Ifvixod withacliild when instructing it, try to write with your left hand. ReDiember a child ia all left hand. - T. F. Hoyes. To rear, to teach, Beoomlng as is meet and ut, link amona the day i" kuil Xhe generatlona ench iili cacli. - Teniiyson. What comfort souie pedagogues might deriye froui tho thought thut wisc pnpile c m lesrn as mach l'roni a fooi as Irom b philosopher. - Vcddor. [ostrootora hould not ouïg be ikUlful In thoFC seiences wl'ich they teach, but havo! in the metliod ol toaehinj,' and patience n the pracüce. - Dr. Watt. Mui when the woriii shali link yonL nnmea With graoloua live.s and nuinucr Hui-, The teacher hall aeri liet bMit, Vuil nroudly whUper, "These were mine !" Wli luier. The emiqeiicaa of tUeir scliolaraoonimead the uiemorioB of chooluiastcri to poateifty, who othorwi.-e, in tib.curity, had been allogether i'orgutton.- Tliouias Kliller. PrcTty wiic Uil? Hlghl li our ola halls coold ohang thelr aex, and OauDt With iirii.l.- foi proctors, dowager lor deans, Mul oweet glrl-gnuluiiU1 u Huir usoldeA hnir. - Tonn.vMin. Knny man who lias kept a skool tbr ten yeare ougbt to be luado a major gineral and have a peoshun lor the rest of íiis n;i t ural days, and a hoss and wagfiin to do liis going around in. - Josh Hillings O'er waywanl childüood thou hold 11 rui rule. And ton thee In tlif IIkIiI of lmpjiy face; Jove, Hope, mid Patieüoe- tliBB niUBt be thy rtw And in Uilnc OWB lifnrt lel Ilicin first kpep SfUlMll . InlrrldgO. One-lialfoi' tlie eliildrcD cricd in cborus, -, 6Ír!" l ikui whiuh the otlier half, seeing in tlic gcntlcinan's face that ycs was wrong, cried out in chorus, " No, sir!" as the custom is in these exaniinations. - IHekens. And wlille a paltry stipend earnlug, Mr bowi Ihe rlobtal Mèdl oflcarnlDg ; No joy-, ala! lilx loil beKiiilc, nis inlnd li- lallownll the while. - Robert still lo be plnlonod down t leach The ayntax aiiil tlie pat of ¦peeh, i n deal onl aulhors by irliill. l,IUe penny potK of fxfonl ; i tis a Mrvlee Luktoioe more Tlian tugglng at tlie luvlsh oar. - Robort I.lovil. That was a delicate compliment a sevenyear-old Milwaukee boy paid lus niother the other evening. The family were discussing at the eupper-table tlic ()ualities uliich go to make up the good wiiè. Nobody thoujilit the liltle i'ellow had been h-iciiini;, (ir could underBtand the talk, until lie leaned over the table and kied liis muther and .said : " Mamma, when I get big enough, I'ru going to marry a lady just like you." If an untruth is only a day old it is talled a lio; if it is a year old it is cali a falsehood, but if it u :i rciitury old it is called a legeml.


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