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A Hint To Boys

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A philosopher has said that the true education for boys is to teach them what they ought to know when they become men. What is it they ought to know? 1. To be true ; to be genuine. No education wil4 be worth anything that does not inelude this. A man had better not know how to read - he had better never learn a letter in the alphabet, and be" true and genuine in intention and action, rather, than, being learned iu all sciences and ia all languages, be at the same time false at heart and also counterfeit in life. Above all things, teach the boys that truth is more than riches, more than culture, more than early power or pqsition. 2. To be true in thought, language and life - pure in mind and body. An impuro man, youngor oíd, poisoning society where he moves with his smutty stories and jmpure example, is a moral ulcer, a plague spot, a leper, who ought to be trsated as were the lepers of oíd, who wero banished froin society and compelled to cry " Uoclean," as a warning to save others from the nestilence. tuu pesuience. 3. Tu be unselfish. ïo caro for the feelings and comforts of others. To bo poüte. To be just in all dealings with others. To be geuerous, noble anti nianly. Tliis will include a genume reverence tbr the aged and tilinga sacred. 4. To be self-reliant and self-helpful even f'rou) early childhood. To be industrious always, and self supporting at the earliest age. Teach theru that all honest work is honorable, and that au idle, uaeless life of' denendence on others is disgraceful. n hen a boy haa learned thoso tbings, when he has made the ideas a part ol' lus beiiig, howeyer young lie may bo, howevcr poor or howêver rich, he has learned some of the important things he ought to know when he becomes a man. With these four properly mastered, it will be easy to find all the rest.


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