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MAKE YOUR HOLIDAY PURGHAES8 DIRE6T FROM HEADftUARTERg. THE CREAT CASH DRY COODS HOUSE OF ARE ACTIVELY ENCACED IN THE HOLIDAY BUSINESS. BARG-AINS INNUMERABLE. Wc cxlend lo Ihc a general Invilallon to VtaM onr establlsliinein durfttg I lie iicxl ImciiIj da líroiiiisiiiK iiniixiial aiul oxlraordinary aovelltea al niiqiio.lioiiabl reaaonable price, l.adit m'iii HikI a partlcalarly lino linc ofpreaent for gentlemen; Gentlenaen a oharmlng rendeion Ihereln. Infanta, yontlis all agea ill find omc Iiivíiíiijí goods lor the mimi rtthln renen. PARTICULARLY WORTHY OF NOTE. Silk llandkerehUr, in combination cntircly iew, :i wide range or atylea and prlcea; line i.iiKii very slicen and delleatelj enoroldered Handkereklefa: Fine Heniatlteked, anllnilied qiianlíly al all prior. Au ininit-iise ttock of similar oods all ur husd wltn referenee lo lli' lioliday " . NOVELTIES WE HAPPEN TO SEE. r.lcgaiii Baadkerchlef and Uid Glave Boo, lare varlciy of Jaoaneae Ware, eonstellng or C'ard Tray, Bracket, Mauh Boxes, flalcli taffei, ftapkln Ring, ilovc Bous CalneU, Speol Bo., l'..rirli. I liinihh Ilold r-, Wall Pookols. I riimli Iti ii-Im . Eaalet, lolal Itrixln . llair Itruoli . l?lirrort, alxo a auujatfleeal dlqvlaj or Shell Bou, freak from tlio orvan. Thew gooda are Tery dtalrableand maal bc teen to ie appredated. EXAMINE EARLY AND AVOID THE RUSH. Toomaiiy lrt'w Ciioodü, loo maiiy Silk, colored and black ; loo iiiany RaSlaa, loo inany Velvets, i„„ maiiy Fringew and Gimps loo many Cloak. loo niany Oolinau. compel aa lo prleeatkal ivill move them. Too many Clotkea. Tlic enliro SondhelM io-k inii! eloaed ty Jaiiuaiy lat. So, ii' in need of a new iiil of clollis or an OTercoat, do nol pondt-r and watt bul como and we wlll Miow VO1 , CONTIWCE vor, rea, and SEIX VOI'. Won'i buy a dollar'a worili or lry Oooda iiniil yon sec our tfoodn and prioe. One thlng yon ntay reat aaanred l', we wlll never knowtngly niir-reaenl uur goods or our prlcea, and we will never ri rii-c anj ibinu %re can'l ba-k up. liiiriuhrui advertlaera wlll certalnly romc lo ericr. Wc deal ezelnatvely in good gooda and nol traak. iiioiiï our daily arrlvala, Trom now unlil al'u-r January ll, t'-liall placo before our uloiiiera aonM bargalaa iliat are poattlTely tbc vltipr of oonipciiiion. compaiison, or monopoly ; prlcea tbai win jon the dlüerenee aetween tbc cah and credit ayateni, net'ween tne riain and iiiiiii: wiiy. &c abel, CASH l DRY GOODS HOUSE.


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