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BRITT- Died December 16th, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Frank Thorn, 2428 Indiana ave., Chicago, Alpheus Britt, aged 69 years of eryslpelas of the head. The deceased was the husband of Mrs. Jane Britt, who died in this city ín 1862. DIXON- In this city, at the residcnce of John B Dow, Hnnday morning, December 19th, Gleason Fill. more Dixon, aged 22 years, 1 month and 21 days. üemiiine taken to Coucord, Mich., Monday, for burlal. He graduated in the pharmacy clans of '77, at the unlversity of Michigan ; soon aftcr which he went to California, hoping to establigh a better condition of health, and also flnd an opening where he might succeesfully engage in the profeesion which he had chosen. But in the former object he was dUappolnted, as hls health failed gradually and, after having been there ncarly two years, he became an invalid. left Sacramento Tnanksgiving day and arrived in Ann Arbor, Wednesday, Oct. lst, where he reccived the best care and treatment a kind mother and loving friends conld bestow upon hlm; but he rcmalncd only two weeks and flve days, when he left (hom and passed throngh the pearly gatea into the bright, green flelds of Paradisc, releaacd from suflerlng, and admitted to the proaence of a dear father, two brothers, and two eistere who had iiri'ri'ilt'd him In thp imimt.v tn thnt hftttnr land S. D. G. TAYLOR- Mrs. üatharine Taylor, wife of E. 8. Taylor, uf Lodi, died of cauccr, Dec. llth, at the age of about 44 yeare. She was born In the town of Northfleld in 1836, and was marrled to Mr. Taylor in November, 1854, wbo with two f out, Brayman and Seward, are left to raourn her loss. The funeral services took place from st, Thomaa' Catholic church, of thls city, on the 18th inst. Reqnlem mase, the full service of the church, was held, Father Flerle wilh Pather Van Waterehoot, of Northfleld, and Father Slatterly, of Dexter, ofuciattng. Une oi the peculiar imito of thi estimable lady's churacter was to make home so pteasant that her hugband and children found no other place of equal attraction. It was really a happy home until Bome fourteen months slnce. when that feil dleease- cáncer - manlfested itself, and thns so soon has taken away the loving wlfe, the kind motlicr, and the obllglng nelghbor, notwlthstandiDg all that money and kindiman could do was most readily and freely done. The many friends and relations, who only knew hor to love her for her amiable disposition and klndncss of heart, can Join fully wilh her uusband and sons in the following'quota. tlon: "Kind wife and mothcr, you have loft ns, Here thy Iosb we de eply feel ; Dut 'tis God that hath bereft ai, He eau uil our sorrows hoal. "Yct airaln we hope to meet thee, When tbe lamp of lite hu ilod ; And in joy we hope to greet thee Wuere no larcwell tears are shed.M