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Boys, Do Something

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Boys, do not be a burden to your parent, conipelling them to support you. Do souiething - no matter what, so that it is honest. Look around and obtain em ployment ; thenoff with your coat and determine to work your way up. The ladder of fauie is within reach of every one in clined to use it. Perhapa your father is rich, and there fore you think there is no need for you to work. What a senseless excuse. Your father niay be rich now, but next year, or inODth, tome bad investmeut may absorb bis riches, and leave him in a worse condi tionthan poverty - in debt. Boya, striye to be independent. Learn to be useful n the world - " paddle your own canoe," as the saying is. Boys that never find anything useful to do, generally wander into evil paths, and make anything butuprigh honest men. Remember this, boys. Some people have "bay fever." Wonder tliey don't have "grass" do. Ad Irishman, who waa recently sent to the house of correotion at South Boston for a year, was set at work in a blackaniith's shop. He found the labor rather too hard, though, and implored Captain Robbins to change bis einployment. "Faith, Captain," said he, if I have to work this way fqr a year, I shall die in les than a fortnight." "Waal, ' said a Wilniington, Vermont, farmer wben he weiglied his pork, "the big hog wcighed the most ; the little bog didn't wcigh so muoh as I expected, and I never expected he would." A Nevada girl'slovc-lettcr: "Dcar Jimniy - It's all up. We ain't going to get ïiiarried. Ma says you're tou rough, and I guess shc's right. I'ni so sorry - but can't you go to Kurope and get filod down a little?" The itnmediately beneficial cti'eets followiug the use of Fellows' Hypophosphites in those cases of' emaeiation and weakncss produced by long illness, whcther frotn pulmonary disesse or fevers, , prove its tonic yirtues and its value in accelerating digestios and assimilation. Tlie soluble phospbites and the other life sustaining principies oomposinK Fellow's Hypophospbitei are so carcfully proportioned, and so judiciously mingled that their action upon the ncrves, muscles and mcmbranos i inipatring vitality, strength and healtliy action, is generally apparent within twenty-four hours, and the good etleets exncrienced are of a permanent chanicter.


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