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Southern Hatred

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In Kply to the article recently published in tbe CoriUEii, taken from the Chicago Times, headed "What Killed the Democratie Party," the Meridian (Miss.) Mercury belches ('orth the following compositiou of hatred and vindictiveness. The question is, with such sentitnents being constant'y inculeated in the niinds of' the people of the south, how long will it be before that section will become deserving of the cotfidence of Ihe nation : "Teaoh it from school books, froni the pulpit, the public press, the southern peoplc are superior everything that oes to make a refined, polished and higher civilized people, and that the southern states befort-, during and siuee the late war, have prnduced the txemplars in state craft, war, philosophy, poetry, and the sublime virtue of enduranee, without loss of pride and elf-respect, for our rising youth to iuiitate and euiulatc. J'cach them that what our Yankee haters derisively term "plantation marmers," are the mauners of the gentlefolks, never doubting that, though they affect to speak lightly of them, they seoretly envy and wish they could iuiitate. Recount tq your children the heroic deeds of our soldiers in driving back a horde of vandals reeruited in every land uuder the sun, and how on every field where there was an approach to equality of forcea southern valor invariably won. Teach them that the war was made for conquest and plunder, and teil over and over again the sickening talos of tbe land wasted with plunder and eonllaration, of the women ravished and lelt belpleat with their children in the track of desolation an invading army of' buujiuers and ruffians left behind them. Let the pieture of the sage of Beauvioradorn t lic front of every southern spelling book, and the stories of Leo, Stonewall Jackson, the lwo Juhnsons, Beauregard, Bragg, Raphael Semmes and a host of others, be recited in easy lessons for the southern children's first exercisea in reading. Teacb them, in the language of Garfield, that the south was "eternally right and they eternally wrong," and that they did not triuinph in virtue of their better cause, but by superior nunibers and resources. Teach our children that it is an evcrlasting disgrace to the prowess and military strategy of the Yankee nation that, with all their superior resources for war, it took them four ycars to conquer and overthrow the confedérate states' governnient. Teach them that on our bidé were valor and military genius, on their side stupidity and only the brutal strategy of Bacriticing as inany lives oí their countless numbera as required ti cruh through the thin hnes of their adversarles. "From the Chicago Times we are to infer that they teach their children to reveré Lincoln as a sort of politica! deuii-god. In compaiïson, Jefferson Davis and Bob Lee were full gods, with the full stature of gods. Teach the youth to live and endure in the full faitli that history will write them so, and do justice to southern valor. They are making a desperate effort to foreatall and capture the impartía! pen of history, and they have a dreadl'ul suspieion of fa.ilure. Lincoln was prophetic when he ventured the sage remark, "we cannot escape history." Tnat is what they are hoping and mailing ftw. It' tlie .outhern people uow cower and hang their heads in meek subniissivc deference to Yankee claims of superiority it holds out a slender chance that they niay escapa its painting them in their true color. The muse of history niay ren believe that a cowering, hand-lickng. degeneratc people ever sprang from noble sires who illustratcd the lnghest and nublest qualitiM of our kind in organ izing the oonfederate govennBent and sustaining t with such heroic deeds aa only tbose possessed of "plantation mannors ,-ouM. The straight-laoed Christian may turn op the wbites of bis i'yes and dissent from tbe doctrines we preach, but there is emioent good use in it. lf we remain not true Spwtana they would make of us a mere despiscd Helot. üntil we bend our nocks fur it they will never put upon us the yoke ofiuferiority and tho degradation they would love to. While we bate them ascordially aa they deserve to be hated, we will never Lend. A solid south is loo bii? a minority to ueed to bend. Iheretoro, we -iy, bate 'cm and be solid in your hatred." In the weet, balmy, bappinen oflóve'a first young dream a youth will nnt only UOMt on cracking walnuts for his Kirl, but in pickinK out thegoodie.s as wel I. ïwo years after they are married he will not even let her have the nut-cracker until he is throngh. fiirls, get married.


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