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CASH 9T-102S DRY GOODS HOUSE. MAKB YOÜR HOLIDAY PUR6HAESÈS DIRE6T FROM HEADQUARTERS. THE CREAT CASH DRY GOODS HOUSE OF U) Jl Ifi ïtï? J2k Jl ïïb 13? Ir ' JÖ Jcx j IX ÖC jcx jö ju ju ARE ACTIVELY ENCACED IN THE HOLIDAY BUSINESS. ¦ BARG-AINS INNUMERABLE. We cxtend i tbc public a general invitnlion IstMI oiir establishment durinjj the ncvttwcnty days, proniiKinu umisuai umi extraordlnary nóvenles at nnquectloMbly NMonaMc prices. Ladie will liiKi a parlioiilarly Boe lino of presentí Tor irentlemeB; 4ciillonicn h -li'ariniiis rendexroiii Ilicroin. 1 11 Isiiil-. yoiillisill Ugea will üntl soino int Hïna ;immI lor iniiitl illiin rt'acli. PARTICULARLY WORTHY OF NOTE. siiu llaiulkcrcliirr. in combiiiationK culircly nnv, a widc range of sljles and prico: Fine I. incn, vory hIiccii and deliralcly embroidercd llandkci cir ; Fine llemslitchcd, iinliinilt-d quantily, al all piioe. Au nniiii n stock of similar guod all purcliated j iili reference lo tlie holiday Irade. NOVELTIES WE HAPPEN TO SEE. l'.U'aul llandkcrcliicl' and Kid Olve Boxcn, large ariely of .Inpanoxe Ware, ctnitting r aril Traj. lti-aUl. Mal h Boxck. tlalch Nafet, apkin ICini;, filote Boxen, t'altinelM, pool lt. Portfolio, Tliimble Ilolderw, Wall lockclN. riimb ltruln. KasleK, TIetal BmlMi llair Briiftlic, iiirroi. :iii a inatfiiilieent display of Snel I Boxea, freli front the ocean. These good are very deiirable and innwt be MM lo bc appreciated. EXAMINE EARLY AND AVOID THE RUSH. Too man) Drc (aood, loo inany Silks, colorcd and black ; loo 111:111 .-!liii. too maiiy Velvet, too man) Fringes and Oimp, too inany E!oak, loo many Dolnians, ouipcl uk to inake priecs lliul will move theni. Too many Clotkea. Tlic entire Mondheim stock mul bc eloaed by Jannarj Irt. So, if in need of a new snit of clollis, or an overcoat, do not poiKler and wail bul come and wc will SHOW VOI, CONTIWCE VOl', yes, and BEL.L YOU. on't Ituy a dollar ¦ wortli of Dry ooéJi until yon sec our goods and priecs. One tliiiitf )on may rest assnred of, we will ncver knowiiiKly misrepreieni our goods or our priecs, and we will iicier advertise anj tliinu wc can'l back up. I ulriii lil'ul adierlisers will certainly cine lo ffrlef. Wc deal exelusively in gool gooil and nol traan. Anions our daily arrivals, froin now until nfter January ll, weahall plaee bcfore our eiiütoniers NOinc baruaiiis tliat are psiiicly bcyond tbc wliisper of eompetition, eoiiiparison, or monopoly; priecs tliat will tenen jou tbc dlflerenee between the enli and credit sysieiii, belwcen the right and wrons w).


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