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Injustice To Students

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Eight students In the nnlverslty were arrested ou Friday and held to answer for a charge of riot on the campus Thursday nlght. We snppose a gymnasium Is needed to stop thls propenslty- Coldwater Republlcan. Which proves again that one must go away from home to lcarn the news. The above "fracas" never oocurred, except in the niind of some wordy newspaper reporter bard up for an item. At least none of the officers of the law ever heard of it. There are 1,500 students at the university, at least 1,300 of them being young men. Thcy are nearly all in the period of life which is given to jollity and merriment, and is it to be wondered at that their overflowing spiritu occasionally brcik out in acts which upset dignity and sedateness ? While we do not in the remotest degree approve of drunken orgies or ungentlemanly oonduct, we do protest against heaping upon the students of this university the blame of every row, or every unlawful act done in this cily. We also eondemn the practice of spreading broadcast, all over the state, in oxagerated phrase, every liltle occurence here, which can in any way be credited to the students. Of course there are some black sheep in the flook, which is not at all surprising, but all should not bo judged by the action of a few ; and we bolieve our student?, as a whole, are as studious, gentlemanly an iliiriiitii-il as thosc of any similar institution We have good and sufficient laws to punibh evil doing in our midst, wbether i comes from students or others, and these laws are well enforced by our pólice. We claim tbat the record of our city will show a less proportion of crime than any other city in the state of its size, but far greater knowledge throughout the state of what is done. Every little, trifling thing is picked up, exaggerated and sent howling From one end of the state to the other; things whicb in other places would not be Jeemed hardly worthy of notice by the local papers; and when nothing happens, ¦ome individual, with fertile imagination, Fearing least the public mind mightbecome juiet on this subject, writes up a blood;urdling episode or flagrant transgression )f the law, and sends it off to the papers. We have no objection to the students Dearing blame when tbey deaerve it, but bl papers to use these '.things as a handle o injure the prospects of the students in heir undcrtaking, is unjust.


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