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Our Retiring County Officials

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Commenciog in the northwestern corner of the court house we find THE COUNTY TREASURER. Stephen Fairchild, who has held that responsible position for eightyears out of the past ten, skipping the term of 1877-8' Mr. Fairchild refused to have bis name used tor any place upon the ticket the present year, and so withdraws from public life tomorrow. To say that he retires with the very kindest of feelings from every perMon who has had any official relation with hiru, is telling only a portion of the truth. Mr. F. will go back to the people with no blot upon his record, and with the general impression prevalent that the finances of the county were never in better or safer hands. Both, Mr. Fairchild and hia gentlemanly deputy, Mr. Benj. Brown, have ever been found honest, courteous, gentlemen, with whom it has been pleasant to come in contact. Jacob Knapp, of Freedom, a democrat, was chosen county treasurer by the people, and he has appointed Mr. A. D. Scyler as deputy, who will be found in this office for the coming two years. Mr. S. is well known to the community as a genial gentleman, and has held the office of city treasurer one term. The next office east is that of THE SHERIFF, which position has been filled for the past two ternis by Josiah S. Case, democrat. Mr. Case has made an efficiënt sheriff, always attending promptly to his duties, and will leave the office with the good will of the public in general. He is succeeded by Edwin W. Wallace, of Saline, also a democrat, who has an excellent reputation as a man and citizen of Saline. In the office of JUDQE OF PROBATE, thcre will bo no change, Judge Harriman bcing chosen by an overwhelining majority tosucceed Jiitnself. If we must have a democrat in this office itwould be difficult to find a pleasanter one to do business with than Mr. Harriman ; and Wm. G. Doty, the probate register, is a dillijjcnt, aceommodating official also. This completes the north side, which after to-day, wili be sol. idly democratie. Opposito the probate officj to the south will be found the office of THE COCNTY CLERK, with Everetl B. Clark, as its occupant, who bas also, in the face of a large adverse majority, with a popular opponent to run against, been chosen his own suecessor. Mr. Clark has been written up so many times for our columns that it is hard-ly necessary for us to teil the people anything about liim. They all know him and like him. Opposite this office to the west' is the office of REGISTER OP DEEDS. The present iacuinbent, Mr. Chas. H. Manly, though a democrat, made a popular and able official. He goes out of office carrying with him tbe good opinión of the people, and with no desire, be says for further glory as a political aspirant. He has employed his spare time in making a complete set of abstract books, 63 volumes in all, which he will use in future business. He will be succeeded by Erastus N. Gilbert, republican, who will bring to the office all the essential quaüfications of a popular gentleman. So it will be seen that we arebrought face to face with a great political counterpart, namely : a solid south aainst a solid north; in this instance, however, the parties are reversed, the republicans having the south or warm side. Of' the other county officials, Mr. Frank Emerick, republican, who bas made an excellent and able prosecuting attorney, will be succeeded by Mr. Chas. R. Whitman, democrat, of Ypsilanti. Mr. McMahon, republican, circuit court commissioner, will doubtless turn hia office over to P. McKernan, democrat, of this city. These, we believe, are all of the officials who have offices in the court house.


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