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Morsels For Sunday Contemplation

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He who knowa nol when t. be mlent, knows not when to speak. The more hono.ity a man bas, the lf lic affects the air of a saint. To destroy the dea of the immortality of tbe soul ia to ai ld deatb to death. The great man lovea the eonversatioD or bouk t oonviofei liim. nut that vrhicb flattera 01 soothös hiui. 'l'lii' worst oducati'in thal teachos self de uialis better thao the best thal loaches iliini; (.!(¦ and oot tbat. It, mav almoBt be affirined thal a good man wili gel more good (hm ¦¦vil Imd r bad man will IVouj good. PolitenesB is like au air owbion tbere iiniy be DOthiog solid in ii, bul ii oasei the jolts of the world wondertWIy. The extreme pleasure we take in talking ol oui mW Diake os li'nr tbal we give voryhttle io tlioc who listen to us. IV. uní men never have rrionds ; either in rity, beoause they know nobody, or in auveraity, beeaune thea uobody koowe i hom Bow aarrow oor ioula beooine wben ab sorbed in any present ur ill. It in only the thouglu of the fature that inakes them great. Wiokedness is gooerally u plant ol' slow gxowth, and we rarely Bint tliat extreme youth ia totally devoid of virtues, though il ïuay be stained with uiany vices. Pirmueaa of parpóse is one of the most neoosïary sinews of charauter and one of the best inatramenta of success. Without it genius wastee it s efforti ia a uiaze of' ineofisi


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