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A Model Girl

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Do vu mnl toread khis word piol m a inmíest RirlV [ wisb moro of her existed, for ihe wike of lOCÍetj ;ti large. Slic i-i no! whal malled bandsosne, th powessed of a qniet attraotiveness all her own. Her wardrobe is choscii lor u;ili ty acoonliiiK tO lier tinancial oiroumstai the colon are teleoted with oare, auitable to each othcr and favorable to lier complexión, (youmay cali this taste ; bo i! i - modest taste ;) the styla musí oleo; as near the popular fasliion, as sli dare :ipproaoh, hut nevcr quite up to the height' when out calling or shoppioe she dl with di atnest and ore ; ifwalking, she pi 1 thcr movea too nor ajow, bul ({lidei aloiiK wiiti a graoefu) lep wbioh i very be qoming, reoognizing lier friendn by s polit(' bo or i cordial grajp qï the harni ; but tliere aro no demonstrativi orguBhiog word. Sbe i strictly trutbfol. WIkii any question ia being diso ¦ ber opinión ia asked, Bhe jives il hesitatingly not doubtl'ully, and, il'not iccepted, oever allowa hereelf to utter a contradiotion, but calmly aml quietly withdrawa trom the ili.-ru.-sion. althongh heropinion is oot loW ordefeatedby so doing; bul on the oon trary, ii aluio.-i alwaya earriea weight and effeot. and et - are anobtrusive but her infiuence isgreat in tbehome whicb ii ia her htppioeM to adorn.


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