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Knowledge In A Nutshell

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A eubit is two fcet. A pace i three feet. A i'alhom is six feet. A league is three miles. A palm three inches. Tbere are 2,750 languages. A great cubit is eleven feet. Two persons die every second. Bran, tweoty pound.s per busbel. A square mile contains 640 acres. Sound moves 743 miles per hour. Slow rivera flow five miles per hour. A barrel of rice weighs 200 pounds. A barrel of flour w.eighs 196 pounds. A barrel of pork weighí 200 pounds. An acre contains 4,840 square yards. Oats, thirty-three pounds per tmshel. A span is ten and seven-eights inches. Harley, forty-eijtht pounds per bushel. A storm blows thirty-siz miles per hour. A rifle ball moves 1,000 miles per hour. A rapid river flows seven miles per liour. Electricity moves 228,000 miles per hour. A firkin ofbutter six pounds. Buckwbeat, two pounds per bushel. A hand (borse measure) is four ioches. The first lucifer match was made in 1829 Coarfe salt, eighty-five pounds per bushel. A hurricane moves eiglity milea i rr hour. A moderate wind blows scven miles per hour. The fiit steaiuboat plied the ííudüou in 1807. Oold was first dioverel is California in 1848. The average of human Ufe is thirty-onc years. A raile mMM fct. or 1,760 yards in length. Timotliy mx'iI forty five pounds per bushel. The first horse railroad was built in 1826-'7. A tub it butter weighs eighty-four pouiid. Corn, rye aul flaxseed, tifty-six poun Ís per bushel. A day'e journey is thirtythree and oneeighth miles. Wheat, beans and clover seod, sixty pounds per bushel.


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