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The county history has been exatnined hy the committee of revisión, afewchanges or additiona suggested, and the wort of the writer approved. The certifícate of the committee forms a valuable testimony in favor of the work, and coming from such men as those whosc signatures are $ubscribed, must necessarily exercise a benifícent influcnce, and extend that feeling of confidence so justly merited by the enterprise and honafide character of the publishors, and wh ich is already accorded to their work in many of the districts of the county. The undersigned mcmbcrs of the committee appointed by the president of the pioneer society to revise and correct the manuscript of the general history of Washtciiiiw County, now being compiled by Cbas. C. Chapman & Co., of Chicago, III., have for several days been engaged in readídk said manuscript, and have uniformly found it to have been prepared with great eare and diligence. The subject matter, which embraces every phase and channel of the county's history, we find to be fully and iuipartially treated. The work is far more elabórate than we expected it would be, and we earnestly believe will be of great value and interest to the people of the county, and give general satisíaction. In fact, it will be a history of which he the citizens of Washtenaw County may well be proud. No means, or pains are being spared to make it full, complete, and accurate, and we feel confident that Messrs. Chapman & Co., with their able corps of histoiians, are doing good, honest work in Washtenaw County.


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