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A Sensible Talk With Girls

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('i'ükiut n Mr-. If. K. Saug-ii-r, have been popular auiong fasbionable young ladies of' late yearn. But thora is do cookiojj-claHS which uuite equals in itó opportunity for excellent infonnation, that which you may tiod at hume, l'resuuiins I am talk ing to a girl who has jast left 1, I a-ivie yon to inake use of jour leisure in taking Icssodb of your mother. There ia ao absolutely -Icndid feeling of independence in knowing how to make pertectly ligbt, sweet, rabstmatial bread. Ihen iry your hand at biscuits, uiuffins, corn dread, toaft, and all tli different formsinto whieh brcadstuffs may be blcnded. Toast Menu i limpie thinguoough, but it iü often Mj poorly made that t does not deserve tbc n-Mui'. Toaát, a ncessity of the sick room, is often a hopelen myttny to womcn who have tlio naeat idea of how it is evolved from the raw material. Aller you have inaatcrcd the bread questiou, try nicats and vegetables. Any bright girl who can comprehend an eiuation, or formúlate a -vil iKina, can overeóme the diffieullies which beset her when learninp to cook. Lypent yrups, golden cake, deücatcly browned bread, quivering jellies, melting oreams, :iijl the whole set of material things gloritíed, bWim made fot love's sake, and for the good of'ono's dear ones, aro fit expres¦tions for any wowan. The charm of this uccompÜMhiuent lies in the fact, that it impurti to its owoor a gratifying sense of power, it bestows oo her, too, the power of Messing and re.iting tliuse she loves bett W'lierever thu cook goes she takes her welcoine iluiiir. Ono msj" tire of the sweetest inging, tf theloveliest poetry, of the finest paioting, and of the most witty conversation. but of good cooking, never. But I would be orry to have you contented to be ODly a cook, only a domestio machine. That ín not my meaning or intention. 6e artist poet, inventor, and well-bred woman ; be the most and tbe beat tbat you cao, and add, as a matter of course, ability to keep house wel) and to do all that good hou-ekeeping includes _______


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