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Circuit Court Proceedings

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Tlio fullowing cases wcre disposeii of' in the circuit court since our last report : Mary K.CoKtello vu. .lohn Costello, H al. I ieree BrHiitil and flled. Jay Everett vn. .1. i . Blf. Poraclonire. Decree granled tor II.iWT. Kredcrloka lUish v. Morllmw IUisli. Petllloo tor allmony. %i per week ranled from tirue of Bllngpetltloo, KIluilM'tli siHpisli vu. Jolin Sliijnsli. HUI int dlvoree dlunlaMd wlth ooMa to tlie ilefiMidnut. I.ucy K. 'IwiBt vs. Wanen Babooek, 't il. h'niHi decree enterad. Nanry M. Vaugiiau vs. Hnulley M. Vauhan. IJecree of dlvorce KMintt-il on groundH W ileHertlon hii'1 failuro to mi pi(lt ' ¦ TheolHim il Marlln 'lurk, nirnnor, forservices ttixl expenses of post mortein exainlnatlouauü burlal, Incident tolnqaeal on tliebody of a Htrani;er found detid in the city of Aun ArlHir, tothe aniount of tt j.ifi prenentfd and uudited as aKainni tlie Ulf ol MuliiKun. Jacob Keuter adimttod to ritl.enBlilp. Tliua. Wilkinitou v. John llarlier. Awuinslt. Death of the defemlant sugenU-d (o thecourl and the adniiiitNtrator uotitlcd to ajpear and defenct. Ileuben Kempf vu. Joba Barber. Saine order. In the matter of tbe appeal of Sarah Uoodriili from the declslou of the Judge of l'robate in the estáte of Achsah Goodrich, deceased. Appeal dtsmlHsed and order aud decree of probate coiut afltriued wilh ooatt tothe appeller.


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