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What The Best Interests Of The Republican Party Demand

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[¦i i i ic Editor of the E veo ing -m-.m-. Uut Hule excepting un une uJe of the regeney questioo has been presenied n the lmíIu mus of the daily presa of tlie eity as rat, and as the side presented does oot eniiiuily the views ot' all the republicana in tlie city and county, I beg leave to present the views of a portion of' the oppoailion, wliicli in point of nunibcrs and innuence in eniidcd to a hearing. J have no word of detraction to offer touching the gentleman 'whoui the Pust nul Tribune has presented as most deserving of the consideration of the republicans W Michigan when represented at the state cqnvcntion, soon to meet at Lansing, but wish to say that when the impression is sought to be couveyed that there is to be little or no opposition to the renomination ot'Judge Marston tbr the supremo bench, ïnd notnioatinn uf Wiu. B. Wesson, of llii.s city, and Charles Upson, of Cold water, ¦i regents of the university, a uiiHtake is made, particularly a9 regards the candidates for regents. If there is no oi:e wuo chooses to euter the field against Juiljje Marston he will iloubtlos be renominated, DotwithstandiDg tbat therc is a wide.-ipread and growing ¦ uvictidti in the public inind that it will tend to harinonize the party to have a uew deal all around, and a uew tuan noiumatf ¦' for.iustiee of the supreme coui t aa well as new men for regents. Men should be pominated who will strengtben and consolídate ihe party, uien who are cntirely free froin and not all identified with the llose-Douglas controversy and have do undue preiuJices either way. This is a matter in wliich the present regents of the universily, and its professors sbould refrain l'roni active interference.and let the people give expression to their own choice. The people can be trusted to uiake s wise noniinations tbis year as they did iwo years ago, and any atterapt to overrule their will should not be ezpected to .sueceed.


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