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Mistakes And Precautions

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Inose lavoreu few who are. blessed wuli t beatth ure nut inclined to tki tnj ,iiinla pn-ii il. llavin;: ncvor Ln-, ihe ofien beonuie MTeok1 i'.r;niit u. Kule a!'-n !'Uuly nooi'ary lu the .niiiiiiiiaiic.' ui ""1 ibie." ibildiih tod wiperstitious to lic worthy ¦ il' a moment con.sidoraiioa. Alwaya itrong aml tree from ill bodily inflruiities, thev tliut it folly to allow tliein-elv to me slaves of precautiooi tln Imti do ile prospect ol meeding. Uut, fbr tli II nipt listín to ble warnings, " in bucE an nour tlicy think iicit," toe evil iliey wouM nol lin-t may overtake theni. Observe the gul of the tunes. Wuh wliich claaa do the epidémica thal so ow n upon i rninniuiiity liko lightomg trom an nnclowded rfty prove the mol deadly? The strong, who hitve nevi-i known sicknes, ot the weak and ever ifferiog . Iviiiiwn health '. Those who have hal vi ry ' mi from 'lis nd lineas, aod are ooMOlou' ol littli.Mtreru;il( tp nteiil wnh :uiy riolen) i ¦ - k n ¦ liido thein . uodei I ion "I judicfous, iiutil the storm ' Mm ('ir strmiL' through i ¦ ; offering movk un heedlcM of adviot aad i , rui'l are mire Fr 'quentl wet out of Mie wiili . i iree a luomeot'í raroiog. How n-ln;.i k',, "StrallgC une iitti-t iéii'1 h' ;ilili houM haye i IK-u ii vu'tiin. wliile iHotlici' I 11 t ulie eXect 'lie tï I - t il lefk Mti scatli The simple rules "' m listened dia breatn, are bowever luai1 w ai the " lift !¦ ¦: - " in ¦ k'uaLc iliüi uil mu'i uiaLc itejure IkH lieiafier.' Ttic i ' ¦ ii- v ii i na v ¦ ' ni. v bc m ' i' r. ui -Ik ii'1 I e ai oi . irdeil Mitaiii-t. ¦¦ i-ni to the tront; anl inctntious, luit i ihe gentle rippl r aod break harnileM on the ihoreii Hut howevej insiniticanl they may be tlioulit, tl i llmt máy brinj mucn nusi hief. Irregularity in ealinx is an èvil that works fradually bol uurely ajueh il . I "t ¦ ¦ 1 1 anderniJning the ii aii'l Jaiki:ijioi' il.... .....,,;..,!...¦ ..r uxTit. "Un a luile uautiun, have iy any pliyMi -al disturbauoe, The Bumber of' time onj cats ot Ii portaoce than the inuntity and regularity. A lurgc uniount or' bodily ol mental lalior ndueive t liealtli. nor ihoald ono, il it can possibly bc avoi'1a ter upon theday'a regnlaroeeopation . foi at le.-i-i an lumr alter eatias. ¦ ulil lic of incalculable valué tu health ii eaeh meal oouW be taken in a lilit, airy rmin. WÍth ple;iani. ¦ Ium rlul compaBions, who w.niM -i areeably help t" pas the üuie that the temptation loeat rapidlyand withoul thoroughly mastioating ihe food woul'l by the eheerful surro0nMg8. A sbwl time sf rach enjoymaní iiml repose will enabfa mm to work in.ire effeetively al thfi proM!i time, aad secure a much largei amoanl "I' work aftei ward than an bour'l vest without suoh ¦ui-I do. 11 ii v breakfasta tor young and (rrowint people are almost a uecesmty if we hope to ¦ them u' to inaturity health aiul ma The maxini " Early to bed and eartv to rise " haa mucfa more wisdom in it thaj Jly conceded. 11' the occupation ia suoh ihat a halt' hoor's labor bcfore breakfast is roally a nev, thon tak . if bread oí eraokMl wise Co no out iiitu the early iiinrning air bcfore eating at least a few nioutht'uls. Kspecially ouiilit this preeao¦ . be strictly observed in malaria] sec. and in wlu-n miioli siekaeiS is ¦ the e.iuniij. Nutliin can he more un wise than tu tro uto a Mek rooni (aating, ui'l wheu ilie fickjjess eoiii.iion.s the ren-, il not fatal. Whiití ¦üir!. ri.-inj; mi early brcakíÍMti. ,'ofl Uealth lid vinor, late suppen are. mi the contrary, very injurt1 to dyspepsia anj settled ill licalth. To leep in the olothea worn throuah tbe ilay is inother bad practico. The olothea iviuui ciiiüuatiuK froui n the b"ly all lliroUKh tel oí uw ti ¦ H i in healtli furmsh a itrong reason, if' tben ere no others, fot remoTine on retiring every ai¦ora throuah il. Ai, leí e;ieh aftielc be hang ujp to air ibrougli thc nwht, not ihrown in a masa oá the f&ór, or (chaire, where a free circulatioa ol air will he sin - í.le. In the morniog une -houhl he ., to hang u all the iiiht .r perlrelly 1 U 1 1 úctLj0Í airoil bJÉ'ora needud igain. Vhcn nujKtorpmliang tham rrhjrc thev will rei'cive ihe henehf ..! tli" fresh iiiomiiii: au till after breakfast, then put eaeh aepantaJy in the olosot, or on wooden pina, braai tlvanized tiooks in the hath roo ni. liante ay whité ctdthea on irón naiU that will rtst l'rom tbe nioi-tuie of thegarii rust tlu: hiin mi ilienj. i - in ther ii ¦;( Tuii heatli to foUl night elotlies aii'l pal them aodei tbe pil i'ten preotknd. lu not attempt to economize by de ing the washing liills or tamily washitip;. To keep the pereon Bornpnlously deán. l're(uent change of ander-garmeni sasy a hatiiiri. Se are but a lew hlnti ál the iic cauúooí needlul tu preserve the health. Ü' 1 hay afcHie thü redi!r to tliink seriously pn thii subjeot, and rollow it up by earet'ul exainin ilion, it will aecomplish the object f'or


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