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Tom Corwin And His Son-in-law

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At the marnage of lus eldest daughter, Kva, tci .Mr in irgc K. Sage, a youne lawil ( 'iciciiinaü. Corwin manifested so mach feeliag that the occasion took more of the aspect of a funeral thaa of a wedding. During the ceremony he lied tears, atul at the supper, afcer a prolongcd and a llamo lileaoe, lie suddeifly broke o'Jt : " Now, I want it distioctly understood that tliis thing is nevcr going to happen ¦gaio in tlii.s house. There will oever be anoiher wtv.lding here. I will get a nigger sil Peet tal1, and give liim a pule ten nel long, and post hini at the front door, and Hitiuct him to knock any young man on tbc head who comes to see my daughters. " (jcneral Garfield relates that, shortly before Corwin's death, when he returned to WatbiogtD trom a flying vi-it to Libanon to altend the marriage of hij youngest daughtcr, he referred to this marriage of tod rail that he sbut hiniself up in hi motu for three or four days before it ocnmd andcould not be persuaded to take any part in the prcparations, and only on tbc most carnest solicitation did lie come down to witiirss the ceremony. He said, " 1 cnuld not eiiilun1 the thought of my daughtcr loviug another man butter than myelf and yetshe married a noble fellow. And now the old feeling haa returned. I toll you I had a horrible time of it until the ceremony was ovur. " When Corwin'sonly pon, Dr. WilliamH. Corwin, was attending college, his teachers oomplsined that he wa up too late nights, and tliry ven kfiraid he would injure himiih over mental cxcrtion. lbo í rote on this OOCMÏOO :is lollows: " .My Sou : l ai infornied that you are injurin jour bealth by htii'ly. Ven few youiiK meu uow a dayg ire liktly to be inured in tbia way ; all [ have to say to you is, that, hould you kill yoiirself' by .study. it would give me great pleasure t uitend your funeral." It is .¦tHted that France bai prohibited iha importad n of American pork, ar a consequence that article went down 11 per barrel in Chicago la-t Monday. It is estimated that this will cause a loss of t '.,- ') to this country f it be true.


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