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The Nominees For Regents

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The nomination of' the two eminent gentlemen, by the state convention for rcgents of the university, Roo. James F. Joy, and Hon. Austin Hláir, is in every a fitting expression of the good i-ense, sound judjjnient, and intelligencc of the representative men of the republiean party of Michigan, a more sterling and nble body of whorn were never MemUed logether. The gentlemen selectcd arcin all respecto wortby to be the choicc of such a convention, emincntly worthy of the high position and of the party, wüieh is fortúnate to numbersuch men amonp the brilliant array of gifted member.H. When the interets of the university are intrusted to such men whose names are the ynonyms of honor, integrity and incorruptibility, its trac friendo feel assured of its welfare in the future. The noniinations are jrratifying to all such friends, who are more than ati-fied. They could not be hettciod. Let tbosc laugh who win. Everything is well tbat ends well. Washtenaw ('ounty, with possibly the exception of one delégate, voted noli! w rji tfme for Joy and Blair, for regent.. Without effort or organization one hundred and sixtythree votes were cast in 00lüüition to Supreme Judge Mrston, had there been atUmpted any concert of action that would have expreased the prevailing feelingand sentiment of the convention, he would not have been re nomioated, this applies also to several of the delegations wbo seconded this nominalion, therc bcing no one else in the field for whom they could give their votes. Whoever may claim to have noniinaled their candidates for regents, it certainly was not the Free Press, l'o.-t and Tribune, Kent, Walker, Douglaa & Co., university clique. The simple fact that Hon. Wm. B. Wesson and llon. l'etcr B. Loouiis were brougbt out and supported by this faction was enough for the convention, and would have damned anybody. Outslde of' beiog connectel with or supiorted by this faction no objection could be or was made to ttaem. They are able, disiinguisbed and gifted men, but in bad company. The Detroit Frce l'iess bM Mirprising, profound knowledge of tho workings and methods of the republiean party, its state conventions and objeets :ind the means by which they are attained. lts guilcli- DDOcence and in-erutablc winlom would fit a new bom babe. ÏU far-bightedness, pt nctration and expounding of mysteries are its deep and masterly ariicles en the state convention witness. We give it the cap and bells. The great majority of the people of this county have inflexibly and nobly stood by us during tlie past fivc jears, in which we liave been engaged in fighting for a principie sacred to us all, the -teadfastness and friendship of such a pcople would gratify the feelings of any man and when I fail to express it, or forget them, niny thcy forget rue. Sometimos our friends have thought we should not have remained silent when we have been persanalhj attacked, we trust the result in the end will show the wisdom of our course in these matters, and that the whiffets who bave barked and snarlcd at our heels, (Cor whom we have a profound pity), were but the instrumenta of others, to divert us from the leaders in this iniquity. That they succeeded with a few in an adjoining county, who ior four years had manfully stood by the cause and had borne the heat and burdens of the fight until perhaps tired out, bas caused us the deepest sorrow and regret (and that while by no means going over to the other side or changing their views on the subject) they, while the battle was raging, left the front for the rear. With this exceptioD, these personal attacks affected nothing and while we miss the two or threewho have thusgrown cold in the cause, that had stood shoulder to shoulder with us, yet wc can not upbraid them in memory of the past, and while we miss them, we have this to say to thcni, that one man with God on bis sido is in the majority, and with God and the people too the cause is safe, and to use t Methodist phrase, has been signalij! of late.


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