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IV,. i'. Steerc rniyt ihat the puno depoafl un the islands near l'cru, is the work of scals instead of bird.s, and the professor okimt to have the proofs in hii poaMWton lurcwilh to make good liis a.s.sertion. The food of the seals and tin; birds i.s the same, i. o. tish. Tlie seals are great feederc, and vety numerouson the islands, and crawl upon ihem even yet. Furtherniore, imimtnified speciniens ofsel are found in great numhers in the guano, bereas, only oocwiooal specimens of birds ur lnrl.H-eg- are disoovered, Alsc, o caves ander tbe iliiuii.s where budl would not o. are now toiiiid beapa of iepen! and eal upon ilu'in. Tlic ithmtn m hêt rucks witli heaps ot uano upon tbetu, as if pourod on till U would liold na more. lt looks and worka lunch like tl uc city. It has to be picked out wilh piek sxe una sliovelcil into liarrows and loa lid into lighters, wliiili in turn load into fewftU. The work done ly Cbineie onder British ind ¦oiniltinn' a vess'l luis to wait there o?er ¦ yai t r ¦ eargo, tbr which the pay $ 10 per ton. Ct'ili now propone in.-sesioii of beds and work thuin lo pay lor ihaeost of the war. l'iol. Steoro tliints that tliere is no liopc for L'ero, as a country. Sho laoks the elements neci-ssary tbr hor to recover froni the Wal willl ('llili.


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