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The moot ooted tnen of modern timet havu pubacly attestcd to ralae d Ayer's Chmy Peetsral ai a mte (breooghi and rolds. __ Knot her Cundhlatc. Bj ¦ kuge mnjoiity the peoplc of tlie linitcd havr 'Ir, l.iic I llitir tailh in Kidney Wort as a reruedy for all the di if the kidneys and liver, some howcver, havo disliked the trouUr of piepatiiiK t trom the dry fotio. For suoh new cftodidate ppert in khe ihape of K'nlneyWort in I-iuuid Fonu. It ia viry concentratod, i.- c;iily (aken and is eually efficiënt as the dry. Try -Louisvillr IVm. Dijwin i 'i. iv, M B, "I Niivh Bootte, willis 1 kniiw ol'nobetter oaaditine tor perons Bufferiog trom exhaiKtiüD of tlie powers of' tlii: l.iiun ami MltH systeru, froni long cooÜBiied rtudy, r the cough tollowinK Typhoid Fever, ékc, ihan IVIlow Syrup ol llv[oiiinphitt1!'. A Cross Hal. Nothiag i -( coniiueivo to u siaDi roïnaiiiiiiK a liai'ln lor aa ono nilil at the 'nou-e ol ii married l'ricnd and being kopt awake lor tivc or .ix hour by the crying of a atoes hy. All cross and crytng habJM neod oiily Hop Bitters to malte them well and snuliox, ïoung man, remember thR Tiaveller. rtysioians olaim Hops and Mali IJitters are tlio beat. Hiirrali Eer (hir Sldc. Manj people have lost thcir interest in politica and ia amusement becaose tlny .ut of Ofta and mn clowo that they oamot enjoy anything. II' such persons would only be wiae enoush to try that Celcbrated remtdy, Küney-Wort, andtxeiini.v and ronovatiDg cll'ect thcy would won be hurrahing witli the loudcst. In erther dry or Hquid forra it ;t perfect ly tor torpid liver, kidnryx or bowck - EïOtIRBgO. '¦ KriPK.MH's- ,his( now oonghs, colds hini! and broncliial oomplainta xxiu to tc epi doiiiic. In these ta'-c of 8ndden colds the best tliiiiK (O do is to ut ai bottle ol N. II. Downs Elixir, which nTamblygWepedy reliefand ultiuiately offects a cure in all oases wherethe breathingorgaosareaffected. I in time and prevent serious hing difficulties. tiold by all druggist?.


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