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A Cool Detective

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As a rule, highwaymen in the mining states seldoiu opérate upon a stage-coach with U. 8. M. orí it. They know that those initials stand for Unitsd States mail, and are a pledge that the whole power of the government would be used to capture them. The detectives in the government service are quict men, courteous in manner and fentle ln speech. Mr. Hayes tells in his book of '.New Colorado,' of one whom he met who wore gold spectacles, and looked hice a Germán professor. Yet this man alono took two mail robbers f rom the north to lexas. At one place their friends planned a rescue. He quietly informed his pnsoDurs that while their friends could undoubtedly kill him, they might be sure that the hrst motion would send them both into eternity. Not a msn in the crowd moved a finger. On ono occasion a celebrated detective was on a stage which was attacked by two masked men. The first thing he knew was that two revolvers were thrust in the coach wmdows, with the command, " Hands iip feouemen. The liiL'liwaymen had the drop on the passengers, which, in their vocabulary neant the certainty of their being able to kill before being harmed themselves. To bis ditigui-t, the detective was oompelled to give up hts watch and inoney. As the robbers left he put his hand down in the ' boot,' and to his delight it touched a carbine. Asking the driver togo on a little farther and thenwait for bim, he went back alone. Ice two men, unsu.spicious of danger were dmding up the spoils in the rniddlo of the rpad. This was just what the detective had calculated upou. " Now t hen, you icoundrels, ' ' bc shouted 'ovoniig theui with the repeating caTbino, throw up your hands or 111 shoot." The robbers, at bis command, steppcd one side, holding up their hands, while he picked up their revolvers. It ras not niany minutes bef'uru the astoui.-htd passenger saw the two highwaymen meekly walking dowu the road, with the cool detective foll'iwing I hey were taken in the coach and hnally lodged in jail. The hero was den. Charles Adams who rabKqnently went alone among the Utes nd Mwroo the release of the women captiv,- H-om the White Kiver agency


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