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Peter Cooper's Monument

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Dr. Talniage, in hislecture Sunday eveniog in the Brooklyn Tabernacle, jaaid he fuund in the eulogies ttaat had lei prir' iuoe the death of Fernando W "ea rememW that d faLw t"?yim . m politics niay be but one of J.1D jn. Toucning briefly upon the death ui Senator Carpenter, Dr. Talmage naturally turned his eyes to the monumento to the memory of the dead, and then addressedhimselfto the obelisk, the greatest of these in America. It will stand an adornment to Central I'ark, he said, asuggestioo to the scholarity and a signet of' the brotherhood of nations. Uut where are the 'luarrymen who out it out of the ledges of Syene ? where the acholara who dictated its hieroglyphics ? whero the orators who spoke when it was tirst raisod to point to the aky ? Oncu it was insousate gtonc, and thcy were the speakers ; now they are inaniruate, and it is the speaker. Solemn old obelisk, type of the evanescenee of human autbority, even thou shalt crumblc away. Time has a chisel that will oblitérate every liieroglyphio. Time, which han cruniMed a Coloseum, will say to it, "Dust thou art, and unto dust thou shalt return." But thcre are monument, Dr. Talinage continued, that shall never peri.-li ; and then he tbrew a garland across the Kast llivcr, to fall on the bleacbcd head of l'eter Coopcr, asking, wliat are the olclisks of the l'haraoh when cotnparcd to the magnificcut monument to litoratureat Kighth Street, in New Vork 1 What is the obelisk when compared to the institutinn that has been crcctcd by the venerable l'eter Cooper? What he ha.s done has inspired the wholc land, and lias thus far advanced civilization. He will IICT.I DO mnnilnif'l in (rwnnnwl nomotn.j-, no monument in a public square in New Vork. The othcr day we oelohrated the ninetieth anniversary of hisbirth. All l.onedictions un lus nauie. Majf the good Joni permit us (o oelebrate his oentennial ileaven can do a long time without bitn, tor Hoavon is peonle(Í with the good; bui New York has only ono l'ctcr Coopcr. I don't know what his religión is. but a religión that pavés the way to usefuluess for the young, that educatcs the poor, and that elevates the moráis of the city, is a good enough religión for thig world, and I think it has a brilliant chance for the future. The Ooopn I'nion is worth fifty obelisks. It will outlast uiere pcrishablc stone. Evory good deed done will be everlastingly remembered by the lx)rd, remembered long after all obelisks shall hare been lost io the wreek of a íbundcricg world.


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