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What Imagination Effected

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The following gtory is lold byan old physician of Worcester county, Mass. : I was called iuto a neighboring town (o visit a patiënt. It being about the middle of the day, the old gentleman of the house (over 60 yeara old) invited ujo to stop and dine. At dipner, he uyj ; ' I 'l"n't know as jou lilto my dinner " " Wljy, ,.s," uid I, "Ido; Ilikeit very wcll ; it ín very good." " I guess you Jon't know what you are eatine?" "tt'hy, yes r do," said I, "it isporoe uewcorned beef." "Ah," .iid the old gentleman. " it is liorse beef." 'I don't believe t," I replied. "It is," said he, " I deoltre it is some of iiiy OM mare." I was not much acquainted with hiiu at that time; I looked at hirn supposini; hiai to be joking, but could not discover a muscle of the face to alter or change. 1 had jut taken another pieceon my píate and a Htootbral of the second slice in my mouth, anil in faot it wa.s hnrse meat, sure enough -I eould taste t as plainly as my olfactory nerves would discover the scent of an old norse. The more I chewed it the more disagrceablo it tastrd. I continuod picking and tasting a litile sauce which I could swallow, but the meat, as the negro -uiii, would imt na. I at last ave a swallow, as I do with a dose of physic. I thought t hal I would have thrown the contenta of my stouiaeh up at the table. I af'terward tasted a littJe sauce, but took cure not to put any more meat into my niouth, and kept time with the family. Glad was I when dinner was over. It being cool weather, the old gentleman went to smoking and telling stories. At last he says : " I won't leave you in the dark about your dinner. I toldyou we had liorse meat f'nr dinner, and so it was. I told you it was souie of my old mare, and so it was, for I swapped her away for a steer, and that was some of the beef." I have ever sinoe heon glad that the old (fcntlpraan put the joke on rue, for T never slmuld otherwise have known liow far the


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