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Mf. S. O. Lairdisrecovering from quite an extended illness. Wbeat market dull. Bad roads and low prioes, reason assigned. Ant, P. M. VanAntwerp, on the sick list for a few days, ia better. Maple sugar has been in the market some time, selling at 18c per ib. Mr. W'.U. I'urchase, aged COyears, died at her home in Lyndon. March IGth. The Sylvan republicana met at the Hoag house last night and nominated township officcrs. Wm. E. Depew, of this place, isa member of the republican judicial cominittee for the 22d circuit. -non as this 'tamal oold weather leaves us, so the men can work to advantaee, the M. C. will commcnce the doublé track between this place and Grass Lake. There being some talk of establishing a new mcat market in Chelsea, the Herald seares out the new cnterprise by predicting the fall of beef steak to eight cents per pound, if it should be done. The amcnded village charter makes the marshal an appointive office instead of an elective, and the council has appointed a committee to determine his duties and those of the village attorney. The village treasurer has made out nis annual report, which i-hows tbe whole amount received during tLe year to be 1,824.97; Amount expended, $1,821.01, leaving a balance in the treasury of $3.96. The village marshal also had $107.57 in in his hands. The total indebtedoess of the Corporation ia $701.87, and amouut on hand $111.53. From the Herald rrum uic rteraia. Tramps are pow on the war path. The 6ne (?) weather 9 bringing them out of their holes. The Chelsca cornet band contémplate attending the band tournament at Lansing next June. A number of "drunks" have been on the streets lately. We propose that our towa "fathers" roake the sidewalks a little.wider to give these inebriates a little more space. The musical and ice cream festival, held at the residence of John R. (ates, in thig vülage, on last Tuesday, was a very pleasant affair, and a good time was enjoyed by all. The amount realized was abont $13. DEXTER. Dennis Warner has been quite ill. Leader : "We have a soft side for greenbackers. " Ed. Appleten, who has secured a sitúa tion in Detroit, spends an oecaMonal Sunday at home. The Leader makes a stirring appeal to the red ribbon boys to wake up, and throw energy and vim into their organization. The editor of the Leader gives tramp printers "enough to pay their fare to the next town," and a dinnerand "sends them on their way rejoicing (?)." A lodge of the Knights of the Macea - bees of the world has been established at this place with a charter membership of 34. The following is the list of officers: Sir Kt. P. C, E. A. Nordman ; Sir Kt.C, M. S. Cook ; Sir Kt. L. C, S. L. Jenney ; Sir Kt. R. K., W. C. Clark ; Sir Kt. 1'. K., W. I. Keal; Sir Kt. 1, W. E. Zeigenfuss ; Prelate, S. C. Alley ; Sergeant, Wm. Yannetta; Master at Arms, G. E. Sill; lst M. O. G., R. Coleman ; 2d M. O. ('., R. Mallory; Sentinel, D. Litchfield ; Picket, C. S. Smith. ..xuuui xtiicr peupie : uaviü invoel nas returned from Dakota. John Ryan baa purchased a farm near Katon Rapids. James Jaooby bas gone to Ann Arbor to work n the city flour inilk H. I'. Sutton has left for Wallace, N. Y. , to travel with a circus. VVm. Sloan and family have r moved back to Scio. " Old Madden," wbo was placed in an asylum for the agcd at Detroit has returned to town. Pat Ferguson went to Pennsylvania last week. John Mackey has been to Buffalo, N. Y., to see a brother rccently injured by a boiler explosión. From the Leader. There is not an empty house ia town. How'8 that for high? A dollar a busbel brings out the wheat and makcs times lively. Board of registration at Justice Page's office Haturday, April 2. The candidatos for supervisor will undoubtedly be John L. Sroith, the present inoumbent, and David Finley, of Scio. Perhaps but few are aware of the fact that another cornet band has prung up in our midst, but nevertheless we are only too happy to chronicle that such is the case. The new band is under the leadership of Ben Becker. Tbey have rented rooms next to Kam Hall, and practice three times a weck. Charlie Case returned home with bis bride last week. They were at church Sunday, looking happy of course. Who wouldn't in such a Case. Mrs. Case is a gradúate of the Ann Arbor high school. Charlie used to go there too. Henee the denouement. Another argument in favor of coeducation. MAM HKSTER. The firm of Case fc Crey havo made an assiRQiuent to ex-Sheriff Case, with liabilities from $5,000 to $6,000. J. II. Jaynes, manager of Silvers' store, has been accused ot defaulüng, in the sum of about $1,400. Failing to obtaio security it is thought he bas gone to bis old home in Canada. John Gumper's farui rcsidence, onemile cast of Manchester, was destroyed by fire with its contents, Sunday night, Maroh 26, at eluven o'clock. Tho faniily escaped in thuir Dight clothe. The children sleeping up-stairs barely escaped. A defective flue was the cause of the fire. No insuraoce. YPSII.ANTI. At seven oVloek Mi)inl;iy eveoing a fire broke out in t lio BawkiM house stables. The stoarncr di.l noble worlc and saved the ailjuiiiing pmporty. Horses, carriages and'8 wiro uil .saved, hut the barn was eompletely destroyed. Loss, proüably, $1.000; no iourance. Cause oí the fire unknowo.


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