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These paragraphs are scaroe this week. The N. Y. Herald says Michigan university employs the Germán inethod of intructioo. The historian of the senior class ia anxious for all who bave not alrcady done so to hand in their blanks. An incipient 6re at the univcrsity hospita] last Friday was extinguished by the resident aurgeon before any material daniage was done. The university appropriations have pas.ed the legislature and probably by this time become a law. The total amount is $160,000, $100,000 of which is for a new library building. Kev. T. C. Trowbridge of the class of '52, bas forwarded froui Aintab, Turkey, to the universify, a box contamine all the bones of a camel. Tbe same hasarrived in good condition, been placed iu the new museum, and the board of' rgents has tendered the doner a vote of thanks. It is almost imposiible to get a date cor reet, so we erred la-t week in announcing in these items the Kiv-KDg concert one week ahead of time. As the public probably know, the entertainment occurs tonight at universiry hall, and is to be one of the finest entertaintuents of the scason. As it is the last of the course it is fitting that it should be the best. Last Sunday. mom ing a university student, named Wm. J. Platt, a member of the sophomore class, started from his home on South Ingalls street, with the intention of goiog to the Congregational church. Not returning that day or the next, his motlior, as might be anticipated, became nearly frantic. On Tuesday a meeting of students was held and a general search inatituted, parties, componed mostly of students, soouriog the country in every direction, but Dothingcould bediscovered orany clue or traces of him obtained. Wednesday morcing the heart of his mother was made glad by receiving a letter from him, dated at Marengo and mailed at Marshall. It stated, we are told, that he had become tired of being dependent upon others, and that he had started out in the world with the intention of earning hisown living. A very laudable and praiseworthy ambition certainly, but an exceedingly poor way of entering upon it. If he had feit such a course necessary, he certainly, if in his right mind, should not have caused his mother so inuch agony and his friends so much anzit-ty and trouble. It is thought by some that close application to study and despondency has led his mind to wander. He is a young man of good habita, and fair stand ing in his classes, and well thought of by his classniates. His strange conduct is hard to account for.


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