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Wanted It Just Right

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" Uovr much will that cost in your paper? ' asked a quietlooking uian, as he lianded in the following advertisement at the counting-room : 'l Smith- Busted a trace, n this cily, 1-nday. U8t rter Oli.-cr, M.,y Smith wit'e of the undersigued, and daughter uf cild Sim l'ratt, the leading blacksmith of' litMivt'r, Col. The corpse was highly respected by the high-tonedest families, but death gut the drop on her, and she took the up-bucket with perfect confidence that .she would have a square show the other sido of the divide. The plant transpires tliis afternoon at her boarding-house on Willow street. Come one, come all : " Deareat Mary, thou hast left us. Kor you ou earth there wasn't room But 'tls hcavf n that bereft us, And snatched our darling up the flume.' " Denver papers please oopy and send bill, or draw at eight. üy her late husband, I'. Smith. " I don't believe you want it in justthat way, do you?" asked the clerk rubbing nis chin dubiously. " Why not, stranger? " asked the quiet man. " It don't read quite right, does it ? " asked the clerk. " Was you acquainted with the corpse, stranger?" demanded the quiet nuin. " Wan you aware of the lauiented while she was bustling around in society down at that house 't " " I don't know that I ever met her," responded the clerk. "So 1 reukouud, Jde. You wu-n't up to the deceased wheu she was in the living business. Now, Jedge, the deceased wrote that oratioo herself afore she died, and I want j in. Do you hook on, partner ?" "But t isn't our style of notice," objected the clerk. "Nor mine, neither," acquiesced the quiet man. " I was lor having a picture of ner and a lot more talk, but she said she wanted it quiet and modest, so she whoqped that up. Say, etranger, is it going into yonr valuable space without any difficulty?" "I don't know," said the clerk, dolefuliy. "I know, partner. This celebration comes off to morrow afteruoon, and that's going in in the morning, if it goes in out or a cannon. I got grief enough on my hands now, stranger, without erectiug a fort on the sidewalk, but, if you want war, I have got the implements right in the back part of these ïnourning cTothes. What d'ye think, Jedge?" " Does it make any diiference where it goes?" asked the clerk. "1 want it in the paper," said the quiet man, " and it's going in if it takes a spile driver. Think you twig my racket, stranger." ' All riijbt," replied iheolork. "I'iiut it in the 'Salad,' among other tnournful reniarks. Four dollars, please." "That's business," and the quiet tuan paid the money. " If youain't busy come around to-morrow. I'ni going to give the old wonian a good send-off, and if that gospeller don't work up a pretty good program bef'ore he gets to the doxology, bis folks will think be's been doing considerable business with a saw-mill. She was a good oüe, Jedge, and she wa9 pious froni the back of ber neck to the bunion on her heel ; you can teil that froin the notice," and the mOurning widowerwiped his eyes on the h]j-, and laAer in the day was fined $10 for thrashing the undertaker who had put silver handies on the casket instead of


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