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The Allngan Journal wants a statue of th...

The Allngan Journal wants a statue of th... image
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The Allngan Journal wants a statue of that graat u(i peerlesB war senator, .aolianah ( naiidlir. itivihiI n front of the state capítol. t eattrulM tl nt aUS.OXtnd add that the loyal people o( Michigan will never say " ny" lo sueü a monum - . n g ftepubllcan. No paper has done more honor to the inemory of the great war senator Uian the ('oi'RiER, nor was any paper in the state more friendly to him while living. In respect to the above wc feul something Hke thk Senator Chandler died leaving a vast estáte of over $2,000,000, all of which was accumulated by him as a citizen of Michigan. He left only a widow and one child to inherit this vast woalth. We believe, that had Ihoughts of dcath entered the liead of Mr. Chandler, and had he been cranted time in which to execute a will, some of his beloved states' charitable or cduoational institutions would have re¦ uiveJ a handáome bcquest, but death cuuiiog so suddcnly he had no time to expres his wish" In view of this, wc tliink that the heirs of Mr. Chandler oould roake for thcmselves a warm place in the hearts of the peoplc by placing in the capítol grounds at Lansing a statue of the late great chieitain. Uoüer the circainetances, we do not bclievo in taxing the people for such a purpose. In fact, wc do not believe in taxing the people for the purposc of erecting statuefi of any person. Thcre are other, bctter aud more uocensary wuys in which lo expend the hard carncd money paid in as taxes by the people. We say thia bi cause we btlieve it right. Wliilc we will Rtaod second to do man in doing. reverence and honor to Michigan's tjreat statesman,whoso name as a synonym öf political purity and Innesty, will bc handed duwn through the generationa yet to couic, and whose memory will ever be green in the baart of Micliigan people, we do not believo it right to lcvy a tax for the proposed statue. The individual who manipulatcs the cuill en tue B} o.j 'r.a.uic h;id another attack of A nn Arbor politics on the IJtniust. In that iiK he cast aide "General" Blair as a candidatc, but displaced unpardonable iguorance of ihe gcography of Michignn and the .subject on which he proposed to enüghtcn his readers, by locating the town of " l'airfield" next to Ano Arbor whea there is no such township in this county. The figures with which he frantically endcavors to bolster up a certain eüque, prove him to be as ignorant of mutliLiiiritics as bc is of gcography. If the Tribune man or the dique, can extract any swoet unrs Is for thcniselve.-', either inJividually or collectively, out of theelcctioQ figure in this county, they are welruiiio to theui. With several men hired to work at the polls in this and adjoining precincts, and all of their own personal intut ic brought to bear- which by the way i.s uiostly in the democratie party - Marston pollid but 2,969 votes in the county, while Joy, (whom they traded off, they voting for Lothrop when demócrata could be induced to rote for Marston) receiTed 3,009 votes. As thcre was no time or money expended in opposition to thia work, the failure of the Bay City candidate to run up to his ticket, even with such poverlul influences brought to bear in his favor, shows in what esteem he is held by the pit oí this county.


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